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Modern Home Pool & Billiard Tables


Playing pool is a fun way to pass the time and bring your family and friends together. While the game is great for entertainment, modern pool tables can also be functional furniture pieces that enhance the aesthetic of your space. When looking for a contemporary pool table, you want to ensure that the size and design fit the room perfectly.

Modern Billiards Tables 

Our modern pool tables are designed to adorn your home with quality materials and exemplary craftsmanship. Choose from our wide range of styles: 

Farmhouse Pool Tables  

Our farmhouse pool tables have modern designs with a rustic charm. Whether you prefer a more contemporary look or an aesthetic that reflects the countryside, you will find a pool table that matches your style at HB Home. 

We mostly use wood for our farmhouse styles, like the solid pine materials in our Telluride table that feature a reclaimed brown finish to produce an authentic rustic look. Another farmhouse option is our Tuscany table, which comes with a Supreme Accessory Kit that includes everything you need to enjoy a good game of pool.

Industrial Pool Tables

We have contemporary pool tables that feature core industrial elements like metal and wood. Some of these tables, like the Shelton, embody an industrial-style neutral and earthy color palette with elegant natural wood and charcoal finishes. These modern billiards tables also have black Teflon-coated felt that complements the rest of the design.


Mid-Century Modern 

Our mid-century modern design captures the characteristics of the dominant furnishings of the period. The handcrafted tables highlight the beauty of natural materials. If you're looking for a natural and sophisticated addition to your game room, the Elton is perfect for you. The design of this contemporary billiards table is grounded in nature with sustainable solid hardwoods like walnut and acacia.

Purchase a Modern Pool Table Today

Find the perfect focal point for your space in our wide range of home pool table designs at HB Home. From purchase to installation, we aim to make the process as seamless as possible. Browse our selection of stylish pool tables and make a purchase today.


At HB Home, we have a wide range of Billiard Congress of America (BCA) tournament-approved home pool tables that will suit your needs. When you purchase one of our modern pool tables, you can expect free shipping and professional installation. We also offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our tables because we take pride in the quality and durability of our stylish pool tables. 

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