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Modern Air Hockey Tables

Air hockey is a classic fast-paced game that can provide hours of fun for everyone. Whether you're having friends over or spending time with your kids, a game of air hockey will liven up the atmosphere with friendly competition and entertainment. HB Home provides air hockey tables designed to accommodate various styles and play levels. 

Wooden Air Hockey Tables 


We construct our modern air hockey tables with high-quality materials to give you beautiful designs and years of gameplay. The wooden features on our tables come in various stains and colors to match the decor of any room. Our tables also include quality gaming accessories for an optimal experience. Here are some of the styles we have in our collection: 

  • Rustic: Our wood air hockey tables can be the perfect addition to your farmhouse decor. We create simplistic yet eye-catching pieces using durable wood and rustic brown and Cappuccino finishes. If your game room features natural, earthy tones and materials, a rustic-styled table will fit right in. 

  • Industrial: You can transform your game room with our industrial air hockey tables. These products are a contemporary interpretation of the traditional industrial style, featuring dark neutral colors and elements. 

  • Mid-century modern: If you're looking for a timeless look with clean lines and elegance, incorporating a mid-century modern table will do wonders for your space. Our tables in this category feature honey mist finishes and angled legs that give an authentic feel. 

HB Home tables can also feature a combination of styles to produce a unique design. Some of our products have a mixture of rustic and modern or industrial.

Wooden Air Hockey Table Features


Air hockey tables from HB Home include an air blower system to ensure a smooth and consistent game. All of our tables have leg levers to help you maintain a level playfield even when they are placed on uneven floors. 

Purchase a Modern Air Hockey Table From HB Home


At HB Home, we understand the value of gathering and making memories with the people you care about, so we strive to provide air hockey tables that let you achieve this goal. An air hockey table is a great investment for your home, and we help ensure that you get a high-quality table that will last for years. 

To shop online, browse our modern air hockey table collection and place your order today.


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