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Pool Table Felt

Pool Table Felt


Are you looking to replace the felt on your pool table? Pool table fabric is made from a durable fabric blend that gives a "felt" appearance and texture that can last for years. If you use your pool table a lot, though, you may start to find spots where your felt is wearing thin. Installing a new covering is necessary when this happens.

At HB Home, our Teflon-coated pool table felt includes six rails and the bed, and the cloth is a blend of 75% wool and 25% nylon and measures 8 feet long. We also feature several colors, so you can find one that meets your preferences and coordinates with your game room space. 

Championship Invitational Pool Table Felt


The Championship Invitational pool table felt, which is the number one woolen cloth in the home market, is designed to deliver both functionality and style. It features DuPont Teflon, making it stain and spill-resistant on both sides. This also means chalk won't penetrate down to the slate. HB Home exclusively carries this type of felt for our customers


With 26 colors to choose from, you'll easily be able to find a shade that complements your space and expresses your style. 

How to Clean Pool Table Felt


Once your new pool table felt is installed, learning how to maintain and clean it properly is important. Regular usage along with dust, lint and pet hair can cause your new felt to start showing some signs of wear and tear. To make sure you enjoy every game session and keep your pool table cloth looking its best for years to come, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind.

Brush the Surface Regularly 


Over time, you may start to notice a buildup of debris on the surface of your pool table felt. Use a brush with soft bristle tips that's designed specifically for pool table cloth. Using a straight motion, move in the direction of the weave, starting at one end of the pool table before moving to the next. Keeping the strokes light, sweep the dust out of the corners. Don't forget to brush under the cushions and pockets as well. 

Resist the urge to grab your vacuum cleaner when your pool table felt needs to be cleaned. Unless you are using a low-powered vacuum, you could risk stretching out and damaging the cloth. When this happens, it will be much more difficult to line up and shoot accurately. The overall durability and longevity of the felt itself will be affected as well. 

Wipe and Remove Stains 


Once you have brushed the entire surface of your pool table felt, wipe the surface using a damp cloth. This will help remove any lingering dust or debris that's left.

If any liquids accidentally spill onto the pool table felt, blot it up as soon as possible. Although our pool table felt is stain resistant, liquids that stay on the surface for an extended period can cause unsightly staining that will be more difficult to remove later on. Be sure to use either a paper towel or a cloth that hasn't been dyed so you don't transfer any color to the felt.  


When you blot, be sure to gently press down without rubbing the surface. Once you've absorbed the liquid, you can add a little bit of cold water to help bring some of the stain to the surface. If the stain is old, use warm water instead of cold water. 


Whether the stain is new or old, avoid using any kind of soap or cleaner to remove the stain. Be sure to let the pool table felt dry all the way before you begin playing on it, otherwise, the surface could be damaged. 

Take Proactive Steps


Along with regular brushing and removing any liquid stains, the best way to extend the lifespan of your new pool table felt is to take proactive steps to protect it. Whenever your pool table is not in use, keep it covered. This will prevent a buildup on the surface and keep it looking great. 

Also, check your cue tip regularly. If it's pointy or broken, it could scrape the felt when you are playing. Similarly, keep your pool balls, especially phenolic balls, clean. You can use a billiard ball cleaner to keep them spotless and free from chalk.

Pool Felt Made Simple With HB Home 


Expect high-quality pool felt when you buy from HB Home. With every purchase of our pool table fabric, we offer a one-year warranty and free shipping. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us, and our service team will be ready to assist you.

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