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Modern Shuffleboard Tables

Make your home the perfect place to gather and spend time with family and friends with a stylish, modern shuffleboard table from HB Home. Our shuffleboard tables offer attractive appearances and careful craftsmanship that allows them to blend beautifully into your home décor while functioning as a fun game for your whole family.

What Is Table Shuffleboard?


While traditional shuffleboard is played on a deck outdoors, you can bring all the fun into your home with an indoor shuffleboard table. This tabletop version of the game is similar to its outdoor counterpart, but the game is played using your hands rather than the push paddles you'd use outside.

Players face off at opposite ends of the table, taking turns sliding weighted pucks from one end to the other. Points are awarded for the pucks that land the closest to the far edge of the board. Opponents can try to bump your pucks off the table or strategize to block their own pucks from being bumped. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Because hand shuffleboard is informal and easy to play, it offers casual, spontaneous fun for you and your family. Play according to standard shuffleboard rules, make house rules or follow another variation of the game to keep things interesting.

Stylish Contemporary Shuffleboard Tables


When you purchase a modern shuffleboard table from HB Home, you get a stunning, functional piece of furniture that allows you to entertain, unplug and create bonds with your friends and family through gameplay. Though the form of entertainment may be old-fashioned, our stylish shuffleboard tables make playing a pleasure.

Each of our 12-foot shuffleboard tables is 25 inches wide, with sleek designs that look great in your home. These tables are constructed from sturdy, solid wood, engineered wood and birch veneers for a polished, heavy-duty structure that stands up to gameplay.

Our shuffleboard playfields are carefully crafted from resilient poplar with 23 tongue and groove joints for superior strength. The poplar is coated in a final polyurethane finish that resists wear, and the vertically staved design offers greater board stability through temperature changes.


At HB Home, all of our styles are based on classic designs and finished to fit seamlessly into any space. Each table is a stylish and functional piece of furniture that's sure to enhance your home's game room or family area. Browse to select the shuffleboard table that best suits your desired aesthetic.

Free Shipping and Professional Installation


Every HB Home shuffleboard table ships for free and includes free, professional installation from a skilled technician. Within two days of your order, we'll contact you to gather information about where this will be placed in your home and we coordinate your delivery and installation process.

From purchase to installation, the process usually takes about 5 to 7 weeks, but quick responses to the survey and any follow-up inquiries can significantly reduce this window. Once your table is delivered, an experienced technician will come to your home to assemble it.

Following professional installation, your new shuffleboard table is guaranteed for one year against manufacturer defects in material and workmanship as well as cracking, splitting and warping. Your playfield remains under warranty against chipping, cracking or manufacturer defects for the lifetime of its original owner. 

Start Playing Right Away


Your new contemporary shuffleboard table comes with everything you need to start playing as soon as your technician is finished with the installation, including eight weighted pucks, shuffleboard sand, a sand brush and a cover to keep the table protected when you're not using it.


Practice on your own to hone your skills or gather your friends and family for some friendly competition. Shuffleboard is simple to play and fun for almost everyone, so you can spend time together without any screens, enjoying each other's company and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

To keep your table looking its best for years to come, we recommend keeping the playfield lightly covered in shuffleboard sand and protected with the included cover. Dust or wipe the table with a soft dry cloth and avoid abrasive household cleaners that could damage your finish. Clean the playfield using silicon spray and apply standard car wax for extra protection. 

Bring Your Game Room to Life With HB Home

At HB Home, we have more than 30 years of industry experience designing high-quality, beautifully crafted home table-style games. Each of our modern shuffleboard tables looks great and offers endless opportunities to create lasting memories of fun with your friends and family. With our free shipping and professional installation, all you have to do is make your purchase.


Shop online to find the perfect home shuffleboard table for your space, or get in touch with our team to find out more about our available options.

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