Table Tennis Conversion Tops

Table Tennis Conversion Tops


If you're looking for a fun activity to introduce to your family and friends, consider purchasing a table tennis conversion top. Table tennis is enjoyable for children and adults alike, offering a venue for physical activity and social interaction. If you have a billiards table, you can easily transform a pool table to table tennis conversion for double the fun.

HB Home carries premium indoor table tennis conversion tops to make sure you can get the most out of your billiard table. Whichever model you choose, our game table tops will prove to be the perfect addition to your next social gathering.


Product Offerings


Our no-assembly-required table tennis conversion tops feature durable materials and innovative designs. These tabletops come in three eye-catching colors that you can choose from to complement your home's color scheme. Whether you choose tan, black or blue, you'll be sure to love the sleek and stylish gleam of your conversion top.


Each of our table tennis tops has a layer of thick foam padding to protect your billiard table from scratches. They also come with a double-stitched net complete with a heavy-duty, spring-loaded clamping system. Our table tennis tops sport an anti-glare surface that allows players to engage in matches without complications. When you purchase one of our game tops, you'll also receive an accessory kit with four tournament-style paddles, four balls and two anti-sag supports.


All of our tennis tops come with free shipping and a one-year warranty so you know you're getting the most value for your purchase.


Table Tennis Maintenance


When you purchase an indoor table tennis conversion top, it's essential to know how to properly maintain it. A dusty or stained tabletop can impact gameplay by altering the bounce and spin of the ball or even damaging your paddles. However, when you take the right maintenance measures, you can ensure that your surface is clean, smooth and ready for play.


Be sure to follow these simple maintenance tips when you purchase your conversion top:


  • Buy a table cover: Table covers are an effective solution for blocking out dust and debris. Look into water- and dust-resistant coverings to protect your surface from harmful contaminants that can settle on your table.

  • Clean the surface: You can ensure that your tabletop is free of dirt and stains by performing routine cleanings. All you have to do is remove the net and wipe the surface with a dry cloth to pull up loose dust. Then, saturate the cloth in warm water and ring out the excess liquid before gently swabbing the tabletop. Be sure to avoid abrasives and household cleaners that can corrode the finish.

  • Wash the net: To clean your net, soak it in a diluted vinegar solution of one part vinegar and five parts water. Be sure to place the fabric into the solution without immersing the metal supports. After letting it soak, remove the net from the mixture, rinse it with water and allow it to dry for 30 minutes.


Table Tennis Beginner Tips


If you're new to table tennis, there are many basic tips and tricks you can learn to improve your performance. With the right skills and knowledge, you can engage your friends and family in a fun and competitive tournament at your next get-together.


Learn how to play table tennis by following these three tips for beginners: 


  • Holding the paddle: The shakehand grip is the most commonly used grip in the United States. For this position, wrap your palm around the bat in a fist-like hold. Your index finger should rest across the bottom of the rubber surface while your thumb sits across the other side. Keep a loose grip on the paddle to avoid creating movement-limiting tension in your arm.

  • Serving the ball: You can only earn points in table tennis if you can successfully serve the ball. The goal is to allow the ball to bounce once on your side of the table before sending it over the net to touch your opponent's side. To accomplish this, toss the ball a short distance from the table for easy contact and swing your paddle while the ball is falling. 

  • Getting into position: Assume the ready position by standing slightly toward your nondominant hand's side of the table. Hold your paddle in front of you and make sure it's in line with the table's edge. Bend your knees slightly and keep your feet shoulder-width apart with the foot opposite your dominant hand facing forward. 


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