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Pool Table Accessories

The game of pool has been around for centuries, and it's still a household favorite today. Whether you're a pool novice or a seasoned player, you can be sure to enjoy this table game with family and friends at every gathering. However, if you own a pool table, it's essential to have the right accompanying accessories. After all, what's a game of pool without the balls or cues?

Pool Table Accessories Kits

At HB Home, we offer three primary pool table accessories kits of varying calibers. If you imagine playing pool with your immediate family while relaxing at home, you might like the standard accessory kit with all of your basic components. On the other hand, if you plan on entertaining large crowds, you'll probably benefit from the ultimate accessory kit — or maybe you'd prefer something in between.

Whatever the need, each of our billiard accessory kits perfectly complements any home pool table:


  • Luxury accessory kit: Our luxury accessory kit has everything you need to optimize your pool-playing experience. This package comes with all of your standard pool components, such as cues, brushes and triangles, and also features exclusive items like a repair kit, tally balls, leather chalk holders and beautiful heirloom billiard balls. The ultimate package also provides four expertly crafted 57-inch maple cues.

  • Standard accessory kit: Our standard accessory kit has all the makings of a comprehensive and affordable pool set. This package comes with everything you need to play a hearty game of pool, including four wooden cues, plastic triangles, balls, chalk, a table cover and more. It also comes with a convenient six-cue wall rack.


All of our pool table accessories kits come with free shipping and a one-year warranty to ensure that you get the greatest value with your purchase.

What Does Chalk Do in Pool?

When it comes to playing pool, chalk is a must-have accessory. Applying chalk to the tip of your cue instantly adds friction, creating resistance between the cue stick and the surface of the ball. This friction reduces the likelihood that your cue will slip from the contact point and botch the shot, also called a "miscue." Using chalk becomes even more vital over time when the tip of your pool stick becomes smooth from continued use.


Be sure to lightly and evenly apply chalk to your pool cue as needed. Most players chalk up their sticks after every other shot, but you can apply more or less frequently depending on the hardness of your tip.


How to Install Pool Cue Wall Racks


Most of our pool table accessory kits include a wall rack to collect and display your pool cues. These racks come in two segments — a bottom piece with divots for your cues to rest in and a top piece with clamps that fit around the circumference of the cues. Pool cue wall racks are a stylish and practical means of storing your pool cues, but only when installed properly. 


Installing these racks is relatively simple, with only five easy steps:


  1. Hold the bottom rack horizontally against the wall and use a level to ensure that it's even. This piece should be positioned no more than 30 inches above the floor to prevent your cues from making contact with the ceiling.

  2. Screw the bottom rack into the wall.

  3. Measure your pool cue and subtract 8 inches, then anchor the top half of the rack against the wall at that point. 

  4. Use the level to position the top rack horizontally above the bottom piece, then hold it perpendicular between the two halves to confirm that they line up. 

  5. Screw the top piece into the wall.

Build Your Dream Game Room with HB Home

When you purchase a billiard accessory kit from HB Home, you'll get all of the must-have pool table accessories you need and then some. From cues and bridge sticks to triangles and chalk, we carry every accessory necessary to make your pool experience as fun and immersive as possible.

Purchase Your Pool Table Accessories Kit


You can secure every must-have pool table accessory on the market in one convenient bundle with our billiard accessory kits. At HB Home, we offer furniture that acts as a means of bringing people together. We encourage our customers to disconnect from technology and reconnect over classic games that the whole family can enjoy. That's why we provide an extensive selection of fun and functional furniture like our foosball or skeeball games to suit any game room or gathering place.


Browse our selection of pool tables and accessories or contact us for more information on our products today!

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