Modern Home Pool & Billiard Tables


If your friends, family and neighbors know they can depend on you to host unforgettable parties, you understand the importance of a welcoming atmosphere. A pool table could add an all-important element that helps people forget any shyness and engage in a friendly competition to show off their table game skills. It's also your game room's focal point that guests will quickly notice, admire and talk about as they enter the entertainment space. 


In today's tech-focused world, many people devote attention to screens and devices, limiting their opportunities to engage with others. The chance to play pool appeals to individuals of all ages and skill levels, encouraging them to disconnect from technology, take part in a timeless pastime and make lasting memories. All of our heirloom home pool tables are Billiard Congress of America (BCA) tournament-approved. 

Topics covered here include:

  • Choosing a Pool Table for Your Home

  • Modern Farmhouse Pool Tables

  • Industrial Pool Tables