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Pool Table Wall Racks for Game Rooms

Pool table wall racks from HB Home hold all eight billiard balls with ease, as well as eight cue sticks. The ball triangle hangs nicely in the center of the piece as well. 

We offer a selection of different woods and colors, so you can find the pool ball wall rack that coordinates perfectly with your game room's overall aesthetic. 

Color and Wood Choices for Each Wall Rack


When you're looking for a pool cue wall rack to store your equipment, you want one that works with your space. At HB Home, we can help you find what you need. Our cue racks are designed with a sleek modern and minimalistic look to complement a variety of styles. 

Each rack is about 3 feet wide and a little over 3 feet tall, making them a moderately-sized piece for your walls. We use only quality wood, including ash, pine and poplar, when constructing our pool cue racks. There are several color options available, too, such as:


  • Mahogany.

  • Walnut.

  • Charcoal.

  • Kona. 

  • Walnut Mist.

  • Black.

  • Smoke.


All materials are listed in our product descriptions to help you find the right color and wood option for your space. 

Taking care of your wall rack is simple and helps ensure it will last for years to come. Instead of using cleaning products or rough cleaning cloths, which can scratch the surface, all you need is a dry and soft cloth to remove dust. 

Benefits of Pool Table Racks From HB Home 


Our pool table cue racks are made for beauty and functionality. When you order from us, you'll receive free shipping with your purchase of any of our pool wall racks. We also offer a one-year warranty, so you can trust you're getting a quality piece for your game room.

Getting together with loved ones to play games is a wonderful way to bond and create relationships. A group match of pool is a great alternative to screen time, and it's a fun activity to engage everyone in your home. Storing your equipment with our pool table wall racks lets everyone find a cue when they're ready to join in.

The game of pool is a classic that's perfect for playing with friends or family. If you have a pool table, finding the right pool cue racks to hold all your billiard balls and cue sticks is essential for properly storing your equipment. There are different kinds of racks to choose from, such as floor or wall racks, but to give you more space in your game room, a modern pool cue wall rack is the way to go.

Purchase a Pool Table Cue Rack for Your Home


Here at HB Home, we want our furniture to make any gathering a great time. Ready for a stylish way to keep your billiards equipment organized and prepped for your next game with friends and family? Learn more about our pool tables and pool table accessories by contacting us today. 

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