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Modern Foosball Tables for Home Game Rooms


A contemporary foosball table is an excellent addition to your game room because it encourages people to come together and be entertained through an activity that's brought fun to generations.

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Finding Your Perfect Home Foosball Table


At HB Home, we make it easy and enjoyable to select your preferred home foosball table model. All of our full-size gaming tables provide regulation playing fields, the steel rods promote smooth movement and the adjustable leg levelers ensure you have a reliable foundation for uninterrupted gameplay. A built-in manual scorekeeper and ball returns on both ends make playing more convenient. 

Whether you're playing purely for fun or are taking your skill-building efforts more seriously, our home foosball tables will beautify your space and make it more functional during social events or everyday downtime.


Some of the game table options in our inventory include: 


  • Mid-Century Modern: Team up for a game of foosball with the Mid-Century Modern foosball table. Featuring a warm honey mist finish, angled legs and smooth surfaces, this line complements your home's interior accents. Achieve a minimalist appearance with an eye-catching tabletop game that provides hours of entertainment year-round.

  • Homestead: A perfect complement to modern farmhouse décor, the Homestead Foosball Table combines minimalist design with a classic rustic finish. This table features a worn Cappuccino finish and elegant x-shaped legs, complete with a matte black playing surface and black and gray men.  

  • Blake: The Blake Foosball table sports a black and grey color palette paired with a modern foosball table design. X-shaped legs and a solid crossbeam provide stability and style fit for any modern game room. 

  • Winston: Enjoy a game of foosball with the rustic look of the Winston foosball table. Constructed with durable, sustainable wood in a warm brown finish and dark metal legs, this table is the perfect addition to any rustic game room. 

  • Alto: The Alto Foosball table features a minimalist, mid-century modern design and a medium brown finish. This table is the perfect accent to a modern home design. 


If you'd rather play foosball on your patio or by the pool, our Garlando G-500 Outdoor tables have the weather-resistant features that make it possible. The triple anti-rust chromium plating on the telescoping rods and the multi-layered plywood with a water-resistant laminate let you take the game outdoors. This model comes with a waterproof cover, too.

What is Foosball?


Foosball — also known as table soccer or table football — is a classic parlor game based on the sports of soccer and rugby. It is a table game in which players control rows of "men" attached to rods and attempt to kick the ball into their opponent's goal. 


Although it seems like a modern invention, foosball tables have been around longer than you might think. Some sources estimate that its beginnings go back more than a century ago. Its popularity is enduring, and it continues to gain new, eager fans year after year.

Despite its charm and the fact that it seems to be everywhere, many people can get confused by how to play foosball. They understand the basic look and feel of the table and rods, but the game itself isn't always intuitive.

The following section will help you understand how to play foosball so you can confidently challenge family members and friends in your decked-out game room, courtesy of game tables from HB Home

How to Play Foosball


One of the best things about foosball is that it is easy to pick up and play. The following overview will get even a complete beginner up and playing within a few minutes!

The Foosball Table Layout


Let’s start by talking about the foosball table landscape. If you look at a foosball table from a bird’s eye view, you see a green field that mimics a soccer field. That’s on purpose. There are goal zones and lines to help you get a sense of distance and perspective when you’re engaged in games.

Plastic or wooden “men” attached to rods hover just above the field. The men’s feet don’t actually touch the table. Instead, they hover just far enough so they can move the ball around the table horizontally, vertically and even diagonally with some banked shots.

Foosball Rods

As a foosball player, you stand on either of the long sides of the table. You are in charge of four rods. Each rod serves a particular purpose and can be manipulated by grasping a handle directly in front of you.

What are the four foosball rods? Two are meant for offensive play, and two are meant for your defensive actions. In the middle is a five-man offensive bar and a three-man offensive bar. When worked together, they help you keep control of the ball and get it closer to your opponent’s goal.

Your other two rods are a defensive three-man bar and two-man bar. You use them to defend against your opponent’s offensive moves. While they’re positioned close together, you want to work them carefully to avoid giving your opponent a window of opportunity to get the ball into your goal.

The Foosball Ball


The foosball ball itself is big enough to be handled by the men on your rods. While every foosball table comes with a ball, you can find a variety of ball types on the internet. Some players like to experiment with different foosball balls made from materials like cork and plastic. 


Occasionally, your foosball ball may end up flying off the table or getting a little dirty from constant play. Depending on the ball material, you should be able to wipe it off or clean it with hot, sudsy water so it moves effortlessly on the tabletop.

The Objective of Foosball

Now that you know the basic elements of your foosball table, you want to know what the objective of the game is. Your objective is to get your foosball ball in the opponent’s goal. That’s about as basic as any game room classic gets! Usually, a foosball game is won by the side that gets five goals. A foosball match is determined by the best two out of three or three out of five games.

Of course, this is harder than it seems, especially if you’re not accustomed to moving and twisting four rods to keep the

ball in your possession. Give yourself some time to figure out how to work all the rods together to get the results you want.

The Number of Foosball Players

It’s not unusual to see only two players at a foosball table, going at it like crazy to try to move the ball around the field. However, you don’t have to relegate yourself to only two people at a foosball table at one time.

Some players enjoy a four-person round of foosball. Two people are on either side of the table and each person is in charge of two rods. While this gives you the ability to concentrate on fewer elements of the game, you need to be able to work efficiently with your partner to keep the game going.

Essential Foosball Rules

There are a few elementary rules in foosball. The most important rule is not to spin the men on the rod. In other words, you can’t just keep spiraling the men around, hoping to hit the ball. Instead, you need to keep the men “standing” and not doing loops. This can be tough to master, especially when you’re just getting started. Making the spinning mistake is understandable when you’re a beginner.


Another foosball rule to know is that you’re expected to be sportsmanlike. In other words, don’t try to distract the player or players on the opposite side of the table. Everyone’s there for the same reason — you shouldn’t have to resort to deceptive tactics to win.

Finally, don’t take more than 10 seconds to set up and take your shots. You’ll want to get the ball moving, whether it’s up and down your rod or across the field of play on the foosball table. Taking too much time only halts the progress of the game and frustrates both players and watchers.

Now that you have a better idea of how to play foosball with others, put aside some time to practice this sport. And yes, foosball is a sport! It’s an indoor activity that can really get the cardio going as you move from rod to rod, figuring out which handle grip makes the most sense to get the goals you crave.

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Create an Entertainment Space With HB Home


HB Home has more than 30 years of experience offering home table-style games manufactured to a high-quality standard. Aspects such as uniwelded metal frames and mortise and tenon wood joinery create a piece that looks beautiful and lasts for decades. A contemporary foosball table also automatically qualifies for free shipping.


Your home foosball table may be the focal point of your game room, but surrounding furnishings can enhance the area and make it more comfortable for guests. Browse our stools and wine cabinets to see how satisfying it is to create a well-equipped area for socialization and fun. Purchase your items online or get in touch with us to learn more about the products and make a space you'll love.

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