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Game Room Must-Haves

Updated: Jan 23

A family game room is where the entire household can do something fun together or entertain company. Planning out the game room when you and your family are renovating your home or moving into a new one is almost always exciting, but bringing your dream den to life can take serious thought.

Whether you relish in the planning and design process or need some game room inspiration, HB Home has you covered. Let's discuss a few family game room must-haves that will make your finished project all the better.

12 Family Game Room Essentials

Adding the right furnishings will make your game room an enjoyable space where family and friends will love to gather and make lasting memories. Here are 12 game room ideas for home entertainment that'll make your house the favorite hangout spot in your circle.

1. Succinct Decor

When you design an entertainment room, the best strategy is to choose a concept and stick to it. Take some time to think about your family's interests and how they'll use your game room. The concept can be as simple as a place to sit with friends and shoot pool, or you can dive into elaborate themes with retro, rustic or modern design choices and furnishings. 

When you base your furniture and game choices on your concept, you can enjoy a cohesive room. For example, you may want to choose a wood air hockey table with slanted legs if your room is rustic or a Skee-Ball® game with a red ramp if you have a warm theme.

2. Unique Lighting

Lighting is a great way to set the right vibe in your game room. Give yourself options so that you can adjust the lighting to fit the games you're playing or how you're spending your time. If you want a classic arcade feel, consider supplementing your overhead lights with LED light strips, which you can set to a single color or program to alternate between a few.

3. High-Quality Sound System

There's something special about listening to tunes while playing your favorite board game or enjoying surround sound while watching football. Incorporating a clear sound system in your game room helps you enhance the overall experience. You may choose to invest in a several-piece system that lets you hear sound from every angle or select a portable speaker you can transport easily.

For a better experience, install soundproof panels on the walls and ceiling to keep unwanted noise out and prevent sound from escaping into surrounding rooms.

4. Framed Posters or Portraits

It's your family's game room, so fill the space with imagery that speaks to your interests. One option is to hang portraits of your family doing things you love together or shots of the kids playing their favorite sports. If your family has favorite movies, shows or sports teams, you can let your colors fly with wall decorations based on these interests.

5. Comfortable Seating

Fill your game room with places to sit and chat. A couch is an absolute must, but you may also want to incorporate a few other low-profile options like barstools or bean bag chairs to conserve space and make it easy for guests to sit wherever they please.

6. Space for Food and Drinks

Your friends and family will surely feast on food and drinks during game night, so save them the trip to the kitchen by keeping refreshments in the game room. Food and drink space can be as simple as a cost-effective mini-fridge and snack cabinet or as thorough as a big-budget game room bar.

7. Two to Five Board Games

Every game room needs games, of course, and board games are a good starting point. Pick a few family favorites, like oversized Backgammon, for some variety on game night without cluttering the room with excess items. As a side note — playing cards are another fun, space-efficient game option to keep around. 

8. A Card Table or Two

Providing enough tabletop space for games while keeping your entertainment room open and inviting can be tricky. Rather than committing to a permanent table, you can invest in several small card tables that you can bring out for game night and then tuck into a closet or behind a shelf for the rest of the week.

9. Spacious Cabinets

As you start moving games, decorations and other items into your game room, you'll find that everything will need a home. Find yourself a solid cabinet that fits into the space and complements your style. If you plan to keep drinks in your game room, purchase a bar cart or wine cabinet for additional storage that looks sharp and conceals adult beverages from the kids.

10. One to Three Bar or Arcade Games

Finding high-quality bar or arcade games at a decent price is easier than ever, so consider purchasing a few timeless classics to complete your entertainment space. Friends and family will love being able to choose between games like:

11. A Quality TV

There are flexible TV options for any family's game room needs. If your family spends a lot of time watching sports or playing video games, your TV can be the centerpiece of your game room. If not, it's easy to hang a TV in the corner for some extra entertainment while guests wait for their turn at the pool table.

12. Party Video Games

There are tons of video game options on the market to fit anyone's tastes. The Nintendo Switch is a great choice for group gatherings because it has a huge catalog of multiplayer party games to play with friends. If you're looking for something unique, order a Pac-Man® arcade machine to drop jaws with a nostalgic game room piece.

What to Consider When Putting Everything Together

Now that you know what games, design elements and furniture you can use, it's time to assemble your new game room. This space will likely evolve over the years as new games come out and your family's interests change, so there's no need to stress about making permanent decisions. Ultimately, when you design an entertainment room, the key is to focus on what you and your family want right now and know that you can add and change things as you go.

Find Game Room Essentials at HB Home

Are you ready to use these entertainment game room ideas to craft a fun space where you and your loved ones can spend time together? If so, HB Home is the best place to find all the must-haves for your game room. Get in touch with our friendly team to see what we have in stock today!

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