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Pool Table Room Size Requirements

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Pool is a lot of fun to play at the bar, and a pool table can make an excellent addition to your home game room. Before buying, be aware that pool tables come in different sizes, and they all take up space. HB Home is here to help you understand the various pool table sizes available and determine which option fits best, given your game room's dimensions.

Understanding Pool Table Sizes

The pool table size you choose will influence how you play. Most pool tables are one of three common sizes. Let's look at these dimensions and discuss what each option brings to the table.

8-Foot Standard Tables

Standard pool tables have a playing field that measure 8 feet long and 4 feet wide and they are the ideal option for home use, making up over 80% of the residential marketplace. An 8-foot table provides the perfect playing surface to practice essential pool skills without towering over the table.

7-Foot Bar Tables

Seven-foot pool tables are what you will commonly see in a bar or other public pool club. Bar tables measure 7 feet long and roughly 3-1/2 feet wide. The smaller size makes it easier for bar owners to fit multiple tables in one room, meaning a 7-foot model can be the perfect choice for smaller home game rooms.

9-Foot Power Tables

Some experienced pool players appreciate a challenge, and that's what a 9-foot table provides. These larger tables, measuring 9 feet long and 4-1/2 feet wide, allow players to improve their power, as it takes a harder stroke to send the ball across the surface. Nine-foot tables are the go-to size for many billiards tournaments today. Choose a 9-foot table if you have the space for it and want to feel in absolute control

What Makes a Good Room for a Pool Table?

Now that you understand the pool tables sizes you can choose between, let's think about your game room's dimensions. You'll want to choose a table that fits your room as much as it suits your play style. The first step is ensuring your table selection is smaller than your room, but there's a little more to it.

Keep in mind you'll need space to stand around the table, and even more to give yourself room to wind up your cue for each stroke. Most cues are 58, 52 or 48 inches in length. Here's a breakdown of the room dimensions that can accommodate each table with each cue.

7-Foot Table

  • 48-inch cue: 11-by-14 feet

  • 52-inch cue: 12-by-15 feet

  • 58-inch cue: 13-by-16 feet

8-Foot Table

  • 48-inch cue: 12-by-15 feet

  • 52-inch cue: 12-by-16 feet

  • 58-inch cue: 13-by-17 feet

9-Foot Table

  • 48-inch cue: 12-by-16 feet

  • 52-inch cue: 13-by-17 feet

  • 58-inch cue: 14-by-18 feet

Line It All Up With HB Home

Shopping for a pool table is exciting, and it'll feel great to play your first round at home. To recap, pool tables come in 7-, 8- or 9-foot options. It's always smart to opt for a smaller table and a larger room when possible.

When choosing a room, you'll need one large enough to hold your table and provide extra space on either side for your cue. Remember that standard cues are 48, 52 or 58 inches long.

One more thing to consider is that you'll need plenty of space to hang pool accessories like triangles, chalk, brushes and extra cues without knocking them off the walls during a game.

If you're looking for a pool table or accessories, HB Home is the best place to shop. We fill our inventory with high-quality 8-foot pool tables and accessories that will put the finishing touches on your game room. HB Homes offers complimentary delivery and professional installation with each order, so purchase a pool table online today!

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