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What Are Pool Tables Made Of?

What are Pool Tables Made Of?

When you hear the phrase "pool table," you probably picture a big, bulky, wooden table with green felt covering the top. But what you may not think about or even realize is that pool tables have evolved and have a more excellent look now. You also might not think about the maintenance and upkeep of a pool table. You might not think about what makes up that pool table and what you need to do to care for it.

If you're an owner of a pool table or are thinking of adding one to your home, dive into the world of pool tables and what makes them up. And check out HB Home Furnishings for a variety of pool tables!

  1. Corner pockets: This is pretty self-explanatory, but these are the pockets in each corner on top of the table

  2. Cushion: Think of rails. The cushion is the felt-covered interior of the sides.

  3. Playing surface: This would be the top of the table, where the felt is. This is where all of the games will take place.

  4. Side pockets: These would be the other two pockets, as we've already discussed the corner pockets.

  5. Frame: The pool table frame is the structure of the pool table. It is usually made up of solid wood or aluminum.

The five pool table elements listed above are placed on top of table legs to create a pool table. In addition to providing structural support, a pool table's legs can be the most visually striking part of the table's design. Many high-end pool tables have legs constructed from rich wooden materials with fine details etched into them.

Pool Table Terminology

If you're looking to purchase your first pool table, aren't very familiar with the game's terminology, or want to get more serious about your game, check out this list of things you'll want to know before you start playing.

  1. Rack: When playing pool, there's a triangular object where you'll place all the balls to line them up to start the game.

  2. Apex of the triangle: This is the top of that rack. Make sure you pay attention, as some games/gameplays require you to place a particular ball in this spot.

  3. Break: When you rack the balls, you'll hit the cue ball into the rack. This is called breaking.

  4. Cue ball: This is the plain white ball that you'll use to hit the others into the pockets.