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4 Indoor Hobbies for Kids

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Young children, tweens and teens may love to participate in outside activities, but being outside isn’t always practical. Unappealing weather and cold temperatures can bring them indoors — and send them right to their electronic devices. Technology like smartphones and tablets has its place, but kids thrive best when they’re mentally and physically stimulated on numerous levels. That’s why it’s so important to have hobbies and activities around that don’t require a visit to the great outdoors.

What are some cool hobbies for kids that will occupy their time inside in positive, fun ways?

Return to Old-Fashioned Board Games

Checkers. Chess. Monopoly. Scrabble. You probably have at least one board game lurking in your garage, basement, attic or hall closet. Pull it out and introduce your youngsters to fun that doesn’t require batteries or a WiFi connection.

Board games can be good hobbies for kids to play with each other, with the whole family or even solo in some cases. Which ones should you try first? Start with the basics. As your whole household gets more into board games, you can invest in different versions and options. You’d be amazed at all the games on the market, just waiting to be discovered!

Introduce Children to Sewing, Knitting, Crocheting and More

The classic arts of working with fabrics, embroidery floss and yarn have enjoyed a renaissance in recent years. Practicing the fine motor skills and imagination necessary to crochet a beanie or sew a pillowcase can become a relaxing pastime leading to practical results.

Your kids will like this hobby because it’s something that gives them immediate satisfaction. They can see the fruits of their labors, even if they’re missing knitting stitches occasionally. Encourage elementary-aged youngsters to construct clothing for toy dolls and animals if they’re not sure how to get started. Older tweens and teens will usually enjoy attempting to make items they can use themselves or give away.

Turn a Space Into a Full-Fledged Game Room

Remember going over to your friend’s house as a kid and fiddling around with the pinball machine, pool table or foosball table? As an adult, you have the choice to turn an area of your house into a game room as a hobby for your children — and you.

Quality versions of games like air hockey and Skee-Ball® can provide hours and hours of entertainment for kids. They’re terrific ways to encourage healthy competition and hand-eye coordination. Best of all, they’re hobbies that children can get better at throughout their whole lives.

Create a Music Alcove

Kids and music go hand in hand. You don’t need to devote tons of space to turn an area of your house into a music hideaway. Fill it with everything from a vintage record player and vinyl albums to basic music instruments. Buying a digital keyboard is a good way to encourage musicianship, especially if you don’t have a piano.

If your child starts to show a particular aptitude for this indoor hobby, you may want to look into music lessons for kids. Knowing how to play the guitar, for example, can end up being a stress-relieving diversion that youngsters can take into adulthood. Regardless of whether your kids become Mozarts or Hendrixes, they’ll gain more appreciation for music when they have a chance to listen to a variety of tunes at home — and maybe make some themselves.

Shop HB Home for Game Tables and More

Finding good hobbies for kids to indulge in while they’re indoors doesn’t have to feel like an uphill climb. Start slowly and see what your youngsters love to do the most. And be sure to join in as a kid at heart! To help you get started, shop HB Home for the most aesthetically pleasing, high-end game tables for your home.

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Forest Gamp
Forest Gamp
Oct 09, 2023

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