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Top 13 Family Games for All Ages

Updated: Apr 17

top 13 family games for all ages. A family playing chess

It's fun to play games with the whole family. With so many different games available today, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best games for everyone. Some kids may be too young to play certain games while other family members may not find other games easily accessible. One of the biggest challenges to playing games as a family is finding something that everyone can play.

Use this helpful guide to games for all ages and find out more about big family games to play that will allow all family members to have a good time.

Non-Electric Game Tables

Although we live in a technologically advanced world, some of the best family games are not electronic at all. Take a look at these popular and fun group games that you can add to your list of games to play at home. These games are ideal for tweens (8 to 12 years old) and teens (13 and 19), though some younger children may need to play with the assistance of an older family member.

Many of these games can also be found in sizes specifically created for younger children, so kids as young as five years old can even play them comfortably.

family playing a game of pool

1. Pool

Billiards are a classic game, lots of fun and something that most kids, parents and grandparents can enjoy. Players take turns knocking the cue ball into their teams' designated object balls to pocket them and score. There are a variety of pool table designs and sizes, making it easy to find a table that will work best for everyone who loves to play. You can also find several different variations of pool games to play for endless fun.

A friendly game of billiards is just what the family needs to engage in some competition and show one another their skills.

2. Shuffleboard

While this is a game often seen as an outdoor floor game, you can also find indoor-friendly table versions of shuffleboard. Everyone can play and enjoy this family fun game. Instead of playing with push paddles, you push the weights with your hands for indoor shuffleboard. Table lengths range from 9 feet to 12 feet, so there's a table size for everyone who wants to bring shuffleboard home.

Everyone will have fun trying to score the highest while sliding weights down the board and knocking their opponents' weights off the edge.

3. Foosball

Also known as table soccer or table football, this is a fun game for all ages. Foosball has been a gaming favorite since the 1970s, although it's estimated that the game is actually over a century old. Foosball consists of a table with eight rods that two to four players push and pull to control "players" on the field in order to score. The winner is generally determined by the best two out of three.

There are several variations of foosball that can be played, including one-on-one, two-on-two and goalie war. While kids as young as five can enjoy this game, it's probably best suited for tweens and teens.

4. Table Tennis

If your family loves to get active while playing together, table tennis makes an excellent choice for playing inside. Also known as ping-pong, this is a fun game for kids as it can be played alone, one-on-one or even with a team. While the general age range for kids to start playing table tennis is between eight and ten, kids as young as five can also play with proper assistance and supervision.

One of the nice things about table tennis is its storage capabilities. If you don't have a whole lot of space in your home to leave the table up all the time, you can easily fold it down for compact storage. While some table tennis comes in foldable table form, other models come in conversion tops, making it easy to convert any table or billiard into a table tennis playing field.

Arcade Games

Arcade games are some of the most exciting family game ideas for all ages. Boasting fun and nostalgia, kids, parents and grandparents can all have a great time playing games with a retro flair. While these games are geared for all ages, some younger kids may have trouble reaching to play on a full-size version. However, smaller versions may be found for certain age groups. Skip going out and create an arcade space in the comfort of your own home instead.

Check out these popular family arcade games to play at home.

modern air hockey table

5. Air Hockey

Air hockey is a fast-paced game that gets family members into the competitive spirit. Generally played with two to four players, the objective of the game is to score more points than your opponent by shooting the puck into your opponents' goal. It requires no experience or expertise to play and can get really exciting.

This game is extremely popular with tweens, teens and adults alike making it a great addition to the list of family games. Additionally, smaller versions can be found if you don't have room for a full-sized 90-inch by 50-inch table.

6. Pac-Man

Many gaming companies have made the nostalgic arcade game, Pac-Man, in classic cabinet form that's perfect for family indoor games for teens. There are also more modern designs available, such as the stylish cocktail table version. Family members young and old alike can experience the excitement and challenges of Pac-Man as they race around mazes, gobble up pellets and run from ghosts.

Most of the models made for at-home use have an age advisory for 10 to 100, making it a game that almost everyone can enjoy. If you don't have enough space for a cabinet-sized game, you can also find mini tabletop versions available. With dozens of levels, you and your family will never get bored when playing this arcade classic.

7. Skee-Ball

Skee-Ball is another arcade game that family members young and old will enjoy. Roll the skee balls up the lane and try to score in one of the many pockets at the top of the ramp. The idea is to get as many points as possible within the given time limit.

You can buy Skee-Ball lanes for in-home use that come in a variety of designs, including that old-school look. There are even models available that are lower to the ground and have semi-soft skee balls to make it safe for even young kids to enjoy.

Keep in mind that traditional sized lanes require a decent amount of space as they're almost 9 feet long and 5 feet high at the back. However, you can find certain scaled-down models that allow for home use.

Highly-Accessible Games

While some games require players to be up and moving about, there are many other games that take less physical effort. Sometimes it's nice to slow it down a bit from the fast-paced games and enjoy a traditional board game or card game with friends and relatives. Family members as young as preschool age can get involved with the rest of the family to play these highly accessible games. Older adults with limited mobility can also play these games with ease.

8. Chinese Checkers

You can play Chinese checkers with two to six players and it's recommended for kids ages seven years and older. The objective is to be the first player to get all of their marbles from their corner to their opponents' corner. This game can only be played in single-step moves, so it generally takes some time to complete. Similar to chess and checkers, Chinese Checkers is a game of strategy.

There are many variations of the game, including fast-paced, capture and diamond games. With so many different ways to play, you'll never get bored playing Chinese checkers with your family.

9. Charades

Charades is a fun game that everyone can play, including preschoolers. Players take turns acting out whatever they like without talking, be it a movie title, an animal, a person or something else. The other players must try to guess what they're acting out. This game can be hilarious to play, especially when the right answers don't come so easily. You can easily modify charades for every age group, so little kids, tweens, teens and adults will be sure to have a good time.

10. Board Games

Board games are created for a variety of all ages. Games for little kids, such as Candy Land, are perfect for preschoolers, while Monopoly Junior is ideal for school-aged kids. Tweens and teens can enjoy games such as Clue while adults may have a fondness for Risk or Scrabble. All you need to play is the board game, a table and the family. With so many board games to choose from, every family can find something suitable that they'll all love playing together.

11. Chess

Chess is one of the most strategic games around. Although players as young as six can begin learning how to play, it can take years of playing to master. Teenagers and adults are more likely to enjoy playing a quiet game of chess as it takes patience, concentration, and time.

While a lot of other games provide the chance to play in teams, chess is played with only two players at a time, making it an ideal game for one-on-one competition. It is also a game that allows you to continuously hone your skills, so you can actually make it a hobby if you so desire.

family playing a game of checkers

12. Card Games

You can play dozens of games with a pack of cards, making card games some of the best and most versatile big family games around. Young kids, teens and adults can try their hand at playing a variety of games including Slap Jack, Crazy Eights, Play or Pay and more.

Since card games are so flexible, they offer the chance for many players to get involved, from two people up to 10 players (and even sometimes more). Card games are great for sitting around a table, spending quality time with the family and having a few laughs. Some card games, like solitaire, can also be played alone if a player chooses to do so.

13. Checkers

Checkers is a family-friendly game that's simple and fun enough for all ages. Young kids can begin learning how to play as early as age five or six, though it may take them some time to learn the actual rules.

In a game of action and consequence, checkers require players to collect as many of their opponent's pieces as they can to win the game. While younger kids can play, older kids and adults may enjoy it more. As a strategy game, it takes a certain amount of concentration to beat your opponent.

dart board in a modern cabinet

Find Your Favorite Family Games

HB Home Furnishings is dedicated to helping families relax, have fun and connect. We offer a wide range of products for you to create your ultimate home entertainment experience. Whether you want to turn your home into an arcade or you just want a few table games to play on occasion, we have what you need.

We understand the importance of maintaining a beautiful home. That's why our experienced and knowledgeable team designs and develops all of our products while keeping style in mind. We offer our products in multiple styles to suit your personal taste. You can be sure that you'll find only high-quality, sophisticated game room furniture.

We offer an assortment of premium gaming tables, including:

  • Pool tables: Our specially designed, modern farmhouse pool tables have features including drop pockets, spill-resistant felt and come in a variety of styles. They also include free shipping and professional installation.

  • Foosball: HB Home foosball tables feature steel rods for smooth playing, adjustable leg levelers for uneven floors, built-in scorekeeping and ball returns. All foosball tables qualify for free shipping.

  • Air hockey: All of our air hockey tables are designed with a single-blower system for consistent playing. Leg levelers also help make playing possible with uneven floors. Air hockey tables come with free shipping.

  • Shuffleboard: Our shuffleboards are designed with style and performance in mind, featuring solid wood, polyurethane finishes and fantastic board stability. All shuffleboard tables will ship for free and include professional installation.

  • Pac-Man: Experience Pac-Man with our nostalgic arcade cabinet or enjoy it in the style of a cocktail table. HB Home offers warranty coverage for manufacturing defects within one year of delivery.

  • Skee-Ball: Six game modes, colorful LED lights, underglow that coordinates with each player and up to six player capacity are just some of the perks of our Skee-Ball machines.

  • Table tennis: Compatible with billiard tables, our table tennis conversion tops are made of thick foam padding, complete with an anti-glare surface and a double-stitched net. All tennis tops include free shipping and a one-year warranty.

HB Home also offers a selection of table game accessories such as:

  • Accessory kits.

  • Racks.

  • Pool table felt.

To learn more about our superior games, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our products. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect game for you and your family today!

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