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How to Organize Your Game Room

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Foosball table with text that says "How to Organize Your Game Room."

If you have a game room, you know how quickly they can become disorganized. With board games, toys, video game components and other gaming accessories, as well as decor and collectibles, game room organization can get out of hand easily.

Thankfully, there are many fun and attractive solutions that can help keep your game room space well-organized while still looking inviting and entertaining. We've gathered our favorite game room organization ideas to help you achieve the entertainment space of your dreams.

Game Room Storage Ideas

An organized game room starts with having plenty of storage space. When you have a place for everything that's not in use, your game room will look tidy and clean. Decluttered surfaces can make a huge difference in any space, and the game room is no exception. If you want to organize your game room with unique storage solutions, check out these ideas:

  • Storage ottomans: Find furniture that does double-duty for your game room, like a storage ottoman. Hide away any game pieces and equipment when not in use inside the ottoman — and use it for flexible additional seating in the room.

  • Built-in shelving: If you have the space, consider adding built-in shelving along the wall of your game room. This will give you plenty of storage space for all your gear while giving a striking look to your decor. You can include a space for your tv and some shelving that has cabinet doors to keep clutter out of view.

  • Storage cubes: Modern storage cubes are perfect for displaying and organizing video game systems, stacks of board games and other items. Leave the cubes open for a clean display, or use inserts or bins to create drawers for corralling smaller items and eliminating clutter.

  • Cable management: With entertainment rooms and game systems often comes a tangle of cords. Use twist ties, Velcro strips or cable sleeves to keep cable clutter under control. Consider labeling your cords, as well, to make it easier to keep track of what device they belong to.

  • Organization bins: Invest in a sturdy set of matched bins to keep your gear organized. Choose from fabric, plastic, wooden or whatever material fits in with your budget and decor — but keep it consistent. This will help you stay organized but also look streamlined in the room.

Pool Table Racks

If your game room includes a pool table, specialized storage for pool accessories provides organization and a striking appearance for your room. Stylish pool cue racks keep your cues, balls and other accessories at hand, ready for a game anytime while protecting your investment, too. Dedicate some of your game room wall space for your pool table accessories to save on clutter in the room and free up floor space.

Lighting and Decor

When you're organizing your game room, lighting and decor can really up the fun factor of the space. Cohesive design choices can also make your game room look less cluttered, while adequate lighting will make it easier to see into your storage solutions.

The game room is one space where you can truly go bold with color, pattern, texture and decor, making a unique environment that's ready for fun. The right lighting and decor can highlight areas of the room and show off your personal style. Try these ideas for decor and lighting in your game room:

  • Go big with a fun theme: The game room is a great place to show off a little personality. Use colors, logos and characters from your favorite video games or board games to inspire your decor. Or use your favorite movie, tv show or sports team as a theme. Display your related personal collections and memorabilia to make your game room items an intentional part of the decor, limiting clutter.

  • Use games as decor: Even your games and gaming equipment can be the decor themselves. Tidy stacks of board games on shelves or video game controllers neatly arranged on floating shelves are inviting to play while making a fun display, too. Scour your collection for vintage games and pieces that could be framed as art for your game room.

  • Use flexible lighting options: For some games, you may want brighter overhead lighting, but you'll also want to have more flexible options for other activities like watching movies or playing video games. Lighting with dimmer switches creates ambiance while also reducing the number of light sources you need in your game room, freeing up space.

  • Light up your storage: To keep your game room organized, it helps to see what you have in storage. Use battery-powered puck lights inside cabinets or adhesive LED strips in cube organizers to add style and practical lighting.

Shelving and Entertainment Furniture

For the best game room organization, shelving and other furniture are key to help put a room together and keep all your gear protected and accessible. The furniture that's best for your space will depend on how you plan to use the room and what games and entertainment you want to have.

No matter what type of games you have, you'll want seating of some kind. A comfy couch or sectional is great for movies, video games and groups of spectators. You may also want specialized gaming chairs or more flexible options like folding chairs, floor pillows or beanbags available when you have additional guests. Hanging chairs and hammocks give a fun vibe to a game room, too.

Be sure to also have plenty of table space for playing cards and board games, as well as a place to put refreshments. Consider adding a convertible tabletop on top of a game table, such as a foosball table or pool table for added space and flexibility.

Built-in shelving or a few well-placed bookcases are great for storing board games and video game equipment, or for displaying collections of gaming and sports collectibles and memorabilia. Elevate your experience further with a specialized wine and spirits cabinet to bring the bar to your game room. These gorgeous cabinets can keep all your favorite beverages, glassware and drink accessories organized and at hand, making game night even more fun!

When you're planning out your furniture arrangement, don't forget to leave plenty of open space in the room. Make sure you have plenty of clearance around your pool table or other game tables for players to move around. Open space also leaves more flexibility for creative play, active games or impromptu dance parties!

Create the Game Room of Your Dreams With HB Home

When you organize your game room with great furniture and creative ideas for organization and decor, it makes a huge difference in bringing your space to the next level. Use these ideas to create the game room of your dreams, and you'll have a space the whole family will want to spend time in. If you're ready to add some amazing game pieces or other quality game room furniture to your game room, shop with HB Home online!

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