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How to Make an At-Home Bar

How to make an at-home bar

Adding an at-home bar to your home can provide a refreshing social aspect to any room. Whether you're an expert mixologist or enjoy a casual drink with friends, it's a great piece to have in your home to boost your interior's design or have beverages for guests to enjoy.

Creating an at-home bar is easier than many expect. All you'll need is a quality bar cabinet, a variety of spirits and wines, glassware and bar tools to make delicious cocktails. If you're considering adding a home bar, check out the benefits of including one in your home and all of the must-have accessories.

Benefits of Having an At-Home Bar

Your new at-home bar is more than just a place to make a drink. It can help add character and fun to your home. You'll have everything you need for a fun night out from the comfort of your own space!

Whether you use a smaller cart or a large cabinet, making an at-home bar can open up plenty of opportunities to host friends and skip the lines at the local bar. Check out these five pros of having a home bar.

1. Entertainment

Socializing with friends or family at home has plenty of advantages. You can make your gathering the size of your liking. You control the guest count and how late people stay to align with your comfortability.

The entertainment aspect that comes with an at-home bar is an excellent alternative to going out to a bar or restaurant. With a bar stocked with your favorite drinks, mixers and other spirits, you'll always have a beverage to offer your guests when they hang out at your house. You can gradually improve your bartending skills and experiment with different ingredients to create unique cocktails for your next gathering.

2. Convenient

Having an at-home bar means you'll always enjoy a refreshing beverage in the space you're most comfortable in. The crowds and atmospheres out at restaurants or bars can vary, and sometimes you want to relax, enjoy your favorite music and wear cozy clothes while sipping on a tasty drink.

Enjoying a bar at home means you also save money on drinks and other expenses like cabs, tips or food. You'll also have access to other fun activities at your home, like cards, board games, game tables, and movies, and can make your way to bed right after you're done enjoying your bar.

3. Atmosphere

The atmosphere in your home can help you feel more comfortable or safe compared to going out at night. You decide the mood of your at-home hangout — a chill night in, a small gathering with close friends or a larger get-together with music, snacks and games. You can switch up your home decor and at-home bar items to match the theme of your gathering.

bar cart with storage holding plates, glasses and liquors

4. Decorative

Homeowners have various styles and design preferences that make their homes unique. You can spruce up your home with eye-catching furniture pieces, unique wall decor or colorful throw pillows and blankets. Adding an at-home bar can be the piece of furniture your home needs.

You can find a wine and spirit cabinet that complements the rest of your home, or one that makes a statement. Whether you go with a cabinet that features reclaimed wood or a smooth black finish, you can find pieces that make your home's interior look amazing.

5. Delicious Drinks

Stocking your own at-home bar means you can add all of your favorite spirits, mixers, wine and beer. Rather than looking over a drink menu at a bar, you know you'll have the ingredients to make all of your preferred beverages.

A well-prepped at-home bar will have all of the bar tools and glassware to create various drinks. Also, you'll have all of the nice wine and spirit brands you love — no more well drinks from the bar!

Having your own bar also means you can craft your own creations and make a special house drink for guests to try. You can also showcase any special bottles or glassware on your bar.

At-Home Bar Necessities

Keeping your bar stocked with the right tools and ingredients can help make the ultimate at-home bar. Selecting the best bar essentials is simple when you learn what basic tools you'll need and shop for ingredients that can make various drinks.

Build up your new at-home bar by adding the following items to your shopping list of home bar essentials.

Bar Tools

If you want to have everything you need to craft cocktails like an expert, check out these must-have bar tools for making beverages:

  • Corkscrews and bottle openers: A corkscrew will help you open wine bottles, while a bottle opener can open beer and mixers in glass bottles.

  • Shakers and strainers: Shakers and strainers are the tools that help you create cool and refreshing cocktails. You have the choice of using a cobbler or a Boston-style shaker. If you're using a Boston-style shaker, you'll need to have a strainer to pour the cocktail into a glass.

  • Jiggers: A jigger is a little measuring tool for spirits and mixers. This tool is essential for creating tasty cocktails because it ensures the ratio of ingredients is correct.

  • Ice bucket: You can add an ice bucket to your bar if you want to chill a bottle of wine or champagne for a get-together.

  • Mixing spoons: Bar spoons have a long handle that helps you mix beverages from the bottom of the glass to the top without spilling any liquid.


Some must-have mixers you'll want on your bar include:

  • Carbonated mixers: The most popular mixers for drinks include options like tonic water, club soda and ginger beer.

  • Juice: Orange juice, pineapple juices, tomato juice and cranberry juice are some options that you can add to your bar.

  • Bitters: You'll use bitters in recipes like Manhattans and other cocktails to balance out sweet and sour flavors.

  • Simple syrup: This simple mixture of water and sugar is a common ingredient in numerous cocktails.


The six spirits you'll want to grab for your at-home bar include:

  • Gin: Used in original martinis, Tom Collins and gin and tonics.

  • Rum: Popular in tropical drinks like piña coladas, daiquiries, mai tais and mojitos.

  • Vodka: Use vodka to make screwdrivers, vodka martinis and white Russians.

  • Tequila: Make margaritas, tequila sunrises and ranch waters with tequila.

  • Whiskey: Whiskey can also include scotch, bourdon, Irish, Rye and more.

  • Liqueurs: Liqueurs are mixed with other spirits and mixers to create cocktails. Some popular liqueurs include amaretto, Irish cream liqueur, vermouth and orange liqueur.


Check out these types of glasses when shopping for your at-home bar:

  • Rocks glasses: A rocks glass, also known as an old-fashioned glass, is the glass you'll want to serve spirits neat.

  • Collins glasses: Collins glasses are tall and skinny. These are best for drinks with mixers or a lot of ice.

  • Coupe glasses: Coupe glasses are multi-tasking glasses that can work for martinis, margaritas and champagne.

Wine and Spirit Cabinets

Organize all of your bar tools, mixers, spirits and glassware on a high-quality wine and spirit cabinet. You can shop for elegant bar cabinets that will wow you and your guests at HB Home to create your at-home bar.

Shop At-home Bar Furniture at HB Home Furnishings

Shop At-Home Bar Furniture at HB Home

HB Home offers a large selection of furniture so you can find the at-home bar that matches your style. Our wine and spirit cabinets offer storage for your bar equipment and are visually exceptional. Contact us today to learn more about our at-home bar furniture and other products.

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