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Darts Glossary

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Dart board in a wooden cabinet with white text that says, "DARTS GLOSSARY."

Darts is a challenging game of skill and hand-eye coordination that requires plenty of practice. Even if you don't have time to devote hours to studying the various ways you can play darts and hon your throwing accuracy, you can at least learn to talk the part. Sounding like a competent player may even give you the confidence you need to win!

Below, you'll discover the most popular darts slang you need to know to convince your darts opponents that you're a seasoned veteran of the game. Keep reading to increase your darts vocabulary and impress your friends.

75 Common Darts Terms

If you want to sound like a darts pro, study up on these darts terms:

  1. Arrows: Slang for darts, commonly used in the U.K.

  2. Baby ton: Refers to scoring 95 points in a single round.

  3. Bag of nails: Hitting the 1s with all three of your darts within a single round — also called a bucket of nails.

  4. Bag O'Nuts: Scoring 45 points in one round.

  5. Bail out: When the third dart scores a high triple after the previous two darts scored low.

  6. Barrel: The metal part of the dart where the grip is, typically the heaviest part of the dart.

  7. Basement: Hitting a double 3.

  8. Bed: Each section of a specific number of the dart board.

  9. Bed and breakfast: A score of 26 achieved by hitting a single 1, a single 5 and a single 20 within one round, called a bed and breakfast because breakfast used to cost 26 pence.

  10. Black eye: When a player hits a double bullseye with all three darts used in the round — also called a black hat.

  11. Bombs: Very large or heavy darts — also called bombers.

  12. Buckshots: A single round when the darts land all over the dart board.

  13. Bullseye: The center of the dart board — also called bull or double bull for the red inner circle.

  14. Bulls out: Winning a game by hitting a double bull.

  15. Busted: Exceeding the number of points needed to go out.

  16. Chalking: Keeping score — refers to how the score for darts used to be kept with chalk on a blackboard.

  17. Champagne breakfast: When a player hits the triple 20, the triple 5 and the triple 1.

  18. Check-out: When a player hits the exact amount of points needed to win the game.

  19. Chucker: Refers to a player who throws the darts without even trying to aim.

  20. Circle it: When a player scores fewer than 10 points in a round.

  21. Classic: Scoring 26 points in a round by hitting a single 20, a single 5 and a single 1.

  22. Cork: The center of the dart board — comes from the cork at the end of kegs, which used to be used as targets for darts.

  23. Cracked: Hitting a single when aiming for a double.

  24. Devil: Hitting a triple 6 — 666.

  25. Diaper dart: A fluke throw that misses the target the player was aiming for and accidentally scores better on another target.

  26. Dirty darts: Using questionable tactics during a darts game.

  27. Double: When a dart lands within the dart board's double outer ring.

  28. Double in: Hitting the double area at the start of a game.

  29. Double out: Hitting the double area at the end of a game.

  30. Downstairs: The lower portion of a dart board.

  31. Dust off: When a dart lands outside of the scoring area of the dart board.

  32. Eights: Faster way to say the number 18.

  33. Fat: Refers to the large part of a numbered wedge — a single rather than a triple or double.

  34. Fish, chips and peas: Another way to say scoring 33.

  35. Fives: A quicker way to say 15.

  36. Flight: The tail of a dart that lets it cut through the air and float.

  37. Game on: The call for silence at the start of a darts game.

  38. Game shot: The winning shot.

  39. Good group: A compliment for extremely accurate, tight darts throwing.

  40. Grand slam: Hitting the triple 20, the triple 5 and the triple 1.

  41. Hail Mary: When the third dart a player throws scores a high triple after the previous two darts scored low.

  42. Hat trick: Hitting the bullseye with all three darts in one round.

  43. High ton: Scoring between 151 and 180 points within one round.

  44. Hockey: The line players stand behind to throw their darts.

  45. Island: The scoring area of a dart board.

  46. Leg: A single game within a match of darts.

  47. Match: A series of complete darts games.

  48. Mugs away: When the loser of the game gets to start the next game.

  49. Nines: A quicker way to say 19.

  50. Paddling: When a player has one or both of their feet across the throwing line.

  51. Patriot: Hitting a needed triple or bullseye with the first dart.

  52. Perfect score: Scoring the maximum 180 points in a single round.

  53. Pie: Any of the numbered wedges on a dart board.

  54. Points: The pointy end of darts that can be steel-tipped or plastic.

  55. Premature projection: When a player gets too excited and throws a dart before it's their turn.

  56. Rail: The wiring that forms the beds of the dart board.

  57. Robin Hood: Refers to the rare situation in which one dart sticks to another dart on the board.

  58. Round: Any three-dart turn.

  59. Sevens: Quicker way to say 17.

  60. Shaft: The middle of a dart that screws into the dart's barrel and holds the flight.

  61. Shanghai: When a player hits the triple, double and single of the same number within the same round.

  62. Sixes: A quicker way to say 16.

  63. Slice of the pie: Refers to any of the numbered segments on the dart board.

  64. Slop: When a player doesn't hit what they were aiming for but still scores.

  65. Spider web: Another name for the wiring of the dart board.

  66. Splash: Throwing two darts at the same time, often used to determine the order of play for a darts game.

  67. Ton: A score of 100 points.

  68. Ton-eighty: Another name for scoring 180 points or a perfect score.

  69. Tops: Hitting a double 20.

  70. Tough darts: Darts slang for "nice try" when a player gets close to their mark but doesn't quite hit it or the dart bounces out.

  71. Trombones: Scoring 76 points within a single round.

  72. Trophy darts: A compliment for being remarkably good and accurate.

  73. Upstairs: The upper portion of a dart board.

  74. Wet feet: When a player is not standing behind the throwing line.

  75. Wiring: When a dart bounces off of one of the dart board's wires.

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Tom Firth
Tom Firth
Aug 11, 2023

26 is not name after 26 pence , it was 2 shillings and 6 pence which used to cost for "Bed and Breakfast" if you are old enough to remember .

Johnny M
Johnny M
Jan 04
Replying to

I agree and I'm also old enough to remember the line being called the oche. I thought hockey was something much more athletic

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