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Family Game Night Benefits

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Game night is a beloved tradition for many families. It's a night when multiple generations come together for some friendly competition and plenty of bonding time. Memories are made and fun is had by all. Family game nights can provide so many important benefits and are easy and fun to plan! Here, we've collected our favorite ideas for family game night, as well as the many benefits of family game night. Let's get ready to play!

Family Game Night Ideas

Whether you haven't had a regular family game night for years and need some fresh ideas or you're just getting started on this tradition, these fun ideas will add creativity to your night and create lasting family memories. Try any and all of these ideas and tips:

  • Create the right environment: Make sure the focus is on fun family time — put away phones and other distractions and put on a fun playlist of background music the whole family loves.

  • Serve up game night snacks: Make your own pizzas or serve up a taco bar or chili bar for dinner. Or go with snacks and finger foods you can graze on all evening. Think chips and dips, charcuterie and hot appetizers like pizza rolls, sliders, mini tacos and pretzel bites. For sweets, have cookies, brownies, ice cream or candy available. Food can be a part of the game night fun, too — how about a taste test for the best pizza toppings combo or a cookie decorating contest!

  • Choose age-appropriate activities: Game night is for the whole family, so choose activities that everyone loves and feels included in. Be patient with little ones, and find games that are easier for them. Older kids can participate in more challenging activities, just be sure to have an appropriate mix for your crew.

  • Decide on the rules: If any of your games have house rules, make them clear from the start to avoid arguments. Decide if the night will be competitive or just for fun.

  • Make it a tournament: Choose a theme, or just go with a random mix of games and make a tournament out of it, seeing who can win the most games.

  • Give prizes: Add to the fun with awards and prizes. It could be a family-favorite treat or another small token, or something as simple as the winner getting to choose the next game. You could also have a traveling trophy that the winner can keep until your next family game night.

Games to Play at Family Game Night

The list of games you can include in your family game night is seemingly endless, but here are some of the best:

  • Card games: Card games are a classic choice and most only require a standard deck of cards. Try War, Go Fish, Kings in the Corner, Crazy 8s, Gin Rummy or Spoons. Uno is a great card game that's appealing to all ages, too. If you have older kids, you may want to introduce a game like blackjack or poker and play for coins or just for fun.

  • Board games: Another enduring choice for family game night is board games. Go for some old favorites like Monopoly, Life, Clue, Pictionary, Yahtzee, Scrabble and Candy Land. You can also try your hand at some new popular games like Hedbanz or Ticket to Ride.

  • Trivia: Go for a classic like Trivial Pursuit or Jeopardy if competitors are all on a similar skill level. If you have a range of ages and abilities, try using the traditional deck of questions for adults and older kids and a Trivial Pursuit Junior deck for the younger ones. Or mix it up and create your own questions based on your family for a night you'll never forget!

  • Pool and arcade games: Bring your family game night to the next level with a pool table or another game table like air hockey or foosball. Imagine the endless fun your family can have when you have one of these game tables in your own home.

  • Video and virtual games: Yes, even video games can be a part of family game night. Choose family-friendly multi-player games like Mario Party or Mario Kart for a fun video game tournament.

  • Active games: Include some physical activity in your game night with some active games. Try charades or Twister, or set up an obstacle course or scavenger hunt. Get outside and play cornhole or have running races and other outdoor fun.

Importance of Family Game Night

Hosting a family game night is just plain fun all around for everyone involved. It's a great way to spend an evening with your family playing your favorite games or discovering new ways to have fun. But the family game night benefits go far beyond simply having fun. These additional benefits are why family game night is so important:

1. Motor Skills Practice

Playing games can help your little ones work on their motor skills. Active games that include motions like running or throwing a ball work on gross motor skills, while fine motor skills can be improved by simple activities like rolling dice, sorting game pieces or dealing cards.

Even older kids and adults can refine their motor skills. Mastering pool techniques or sending a puck into the goal during air hockey helps with skills like aim and hand-eye coordination.

2. Better Problem-Solving Skills

Kids and grown-ups alike can develop their problem-solving abilities by playing games with family. Playing strategy or trivia games helps players strengthen their memory and gives important opportunities to practice those problem-solving skills.

3. Improved School Performance

Many types of games can even help kids develop academic skills that can lead to better grades. Rolling dice, counting game pieces and keeping score can strengthen math abilities, and games like Boggle, Scrabble and trivia work on vocabulary, spelling and general knowledge.

4. Learned Life Skills

Games give real-world practice for skills like sharing, taking turns, following rules and cooperation. These developments can be helpful at school and in other social situations. Games like Monopoly can teach kids the value of money and how to manage finances, while any game can teach kids how to be a good sport when they win or lose.

5. Family Bonding Opportunities

Family game night is a fantastic opportunity for making lasting memories and bonding with one another. Spending time as a family playing games can help develop empathy and emotional intelligence and strengthen relationships among the family, helping everyone feel closer.

Make family game night a regular thing, and you'll get the added benefit of creating a family tradition. Traditions help you form a bond and memories on a reliable schedule. If you put game night in your calendars, you'll know everyone can come together to play.

6. Developed Communication Skills

While family bonding helps everyone improve their communication skills, the games you play can offer even more benefits. Co-op air hockey and foosball encourage teammates to communicate their decisions and directions to each other. A game like charades teaches kids how to communicate nonverbally. Word games like Scrabble, Boggle and Bananagrams can help players expand their vocabulary.

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