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Entertainment Room Interior Design Ideas

Updated: Mar 29

If you’ve decided to turn one of the spaces in your home into a full-blown entertainment room, you'll get to create a place where everyone can relax and recharge. You may even increase the property value of your home, depending on how far you take your renovation project.

Of course, you may be scratching your head trying to figure out how to design your personalized fun area. Whether you work with a professional on your room’s layout or handle it yourself, keep the following entertainment room ideas in mind.

What Is an Entertainment Room?

Before getting too far into entertainment room design trends and suggestions, let's talk a little about the overall purpose and definition of an entertainment room.

In most households, an entertainment room serves the unique purpose to provide a place where family members can relax and enjoy one another's company. In some homes, an entertainment room could have a different name. For instance, some people call their "man caves" entertainment rooms. Other people use "entertainment room" interchangeably with den, family room, extra room, party room or decorated basement room.

Overall, an entertainment room tends to be populated with items that are conducive to kicking back and having a good time. Entertainment rooms frequently have comfortable seating, such as large sectionals made of supple leather or a cushioned fabric. And it's not unusual for an entertainment room design to include a widescreen television, bar area, game area and maybe even a place for working out!

What you're unlikely to see in an entertainment room is anything related to work or school. After all, the entertainment room is where everyone gathers to get some downtime from the hubbub of everyday life.

Ready to get started on your entertainment room design? Here are a few ideas to help you create the perfect home-based getaway retreat.

Stick With a Theme

It’s tough to pull together an entertainment room that seems visually cohesive without an overarching theme. You can pick any theme you like — some people get specific, such as “the wild west” or a room designed after a favorite sports team. Others choose broader topics such as “country chic” or “sophisticated man cave.”

To help come up with a theme, try to picture your dream entertainment room's colors, flooring and features. Write down all your ideas, talk about them and decide which one you like the most. Then, use that motif throughout the rest of your planning.

Define What You Mean by Entertainment

Everyone’s entertainment room looks a little different. For some, it includes all the retro games they can find, including a Skee-Ball arcade in one corner, a foosball table in the middle and a vintage PAC-MAN machine along one of the walls. Others envision entertainment as rows of cushy recliners facing the biggest television possible for gaming and viewing pleasure.

Why does defining entertainment matter, especially if your room looks great when you’re finished? You won’t like using your entertainment area if it doesn’t have what you need.

Consider Your Add-Ons

Depending on your budget, you might want to give your renovated space a complete face-lift. It’s best to outline any add-ons early because it will help you decide how to lay out your entertainment items.

For example, are you planning to add a small or expansive bar that’s part of a kitchenette? Do you anticipate sectioning off zones with divider walls or a fixed island? Are you going to drop the ceiling or bump out walls? These choices will affect your budget and the way the space looks.

However, you don't have to reconsider transforming your entertainment room into something truly unique and spectacular. You just have to plan, so the outcome doesn’t become too difficult to navigate when many people are in the space.

Insist on Great Lighting

After you decide on a theme and know what you want in terms of entertainment and additional elements, you should begin thinking about lighting fixtures.

A key question to ask is whether you want to spotlight anything, such as the luxurious mahogany bar or your new pool table. Be sure to choose the proper kinds of lighting to give those items their time in the spotlight.

At the same time, remember all the other places in your entertainment space. Do you need recessed lighting? Are you a fan of wall sconces? Does it make sense to have most lights on a dimmer to adjust the strength? Lighting can make or break the ambiance in your entertainment area, so take time to check out the array of lighting choices available before making your selections. Generally speaking, you’ll probably choose a few different types, including floor or table lamps, for variety.

Choose Comfortable Seating

One final element of your home entertainment room's interior design is seating. When you’re not engaged in some air hockey or billiards, you’re probably going to be lounging on a gaming chair or on a sofa. Be sure those seats make you feel amazing.

Sometimes, seating can look fantastic but feel lackluster. Though you want your entertainment room to wow everyone, you shouldn’t have to give up comfort for style.

Opt for Technology to Help You Elevate Your Entertainment Room Design

Advancements in technology can allow you to deck out your entertainment room in so many ways. Consider adding the benefits of built-in, surround sound speakers. A full-blown speaker system can transform your entertainment room space into the best place to listen to your favorite albums, watch films or even host your own karaoke night!

Other ways to incorporate technology into your design include putting your entertainment room on a separate heating and air conditioning thermostat. By creating a separate "zone" for your entertainment room, you can ensure it's always going to feel just right. Plus, you won't have to heat or cool it when it's not in use.

Make Sure Your Entertainment Room Can Grow With Your Family's Needs

Over the years, your entertainment room will evolve as your family's interests and ages change. Make sure any design can be adapted as needed.

As an example, you might want to have a space for younger children's toys in your entertainment room. As your kids get older and more into table games like shuffleboard and billiards, you can freshen up their area with the types of entertainment that appeal to them.

HB Home Can Help Furnish Your Entertainment Room

Do you like bold and dramatic or suave and sophisticated styles? Only you can determine what your entertainment room will look like in the end. Have fun mapping it out, and be sure to shop online for inspiration. HB Home can also furnish your space with fun games perfectly suited for year-round entertaining in your updated room.

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