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Home Bar Stools

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Home Bar Stools for Game Rooms


Once you've installed a home bar and stocked it with all your guests' favorite beverage ingredients, the next step is to choose home bar stools. They make the space more inviting by encouraging people to linger while they sip drinks, munch on snacks and have memorable conversations. 


Home bar stools create an area where your guests will love to spend time. Whether they relax while watching a football game on TV or perch on stools to watch others engage in a lighthearted competition at the pool table, these seating options make your space more comfortable and functional.

Choosing the Right Height for Your Bar Stools


As you browse the assortment of bar stools from HB Home, you'll notice several height options. Here are some specifics to help you differentiate between them:

  • Counter-Height Stools: These home bar stools are approximately 24-26 inches high. They accompany counter-height tables, which typically stand 35 to 36 inches tall. Consider these if you want people to sit at tables spaced out around the room rather than congregating at the bar or if you're buying stools to go with a kitchen counter.

  • Bar-Height Stools: These slightly taller choices typically range from 28-33 inches high. They're ideal for home bars, which are usually 40-42 inches high. Measure the dimensions of your home bar before purchasing bar-height stools. You'll want a seated person to have enough room to comfortably cross their legs under the bar and for the chairs to fit under the tabletop surface for storage. 

  • Extra-Tall Stools: This category of stools — also called spectator-height — stands 34-36 inches high to accommodate tables 45-48 inches in height. If you have a pool table or dartboard in your game room, they're ideal for people who want to have a fantastic view of the action.

Materials and Other Specifics for Home Bar Stools


After you settle on a height, it's time to pick your preferred material. Would you rather have a stool with a frame made of metal or one constructed of wood? The decision can often be based on looking at the surrounding furnishings and determining how to complement them. 


Next, decide whether you want a backless style — like our Braxton and Belmont varieties — or a stool with a back like the Venice and Reed styles. Since stools without backs often provide a more streamlined look, they could be smart choices if you're furnishing a smaller space and want it to look as open as possible. Alternatively, home bar stools with back sections provide extra support. 


Many of our stools also have a swivel feature. It makes it easier for a person to approach the chair from various angles or quickly turn around to converse with people behind them. 

Add Comfort and Style to Your Home With Our Selection of Bar Stools


Our home bar stools offer the style and functionality that help you host relaxing gatherings in a beautifully furnished space. Get in touch with us today or shop the HB Home website at your convenience. It's easy to select the products that help you take pride in making an appealing area for entertaining.

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