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Garage Game Room Ideas

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Game rooms provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and have fun with family and friends. Unfortunately, not everyone has a lot of space inside their homes to dedicate entirely to recreational activities. If you have a garage that is hardly ever used, there is a solution for you.

There are tons of things to do in your unused garage, so turn that wasted space into a DIY garage game room! Use this guide to get started on creating a multipurpose garage perfect for playing games, parking cars, and experiencing fun and relaxation outside of the living room.

Why Should You Have a Garage

Game Room?

Many garages go unused and provide the perfect canvas for a garage game room conversion. If you want a game room but do not have enough space inside your home to create one, the garage is the next best place. Transforming a garage into a game room can have many perks, especially if:

  • You have large get-togethers that are a little too cramped inside your house but have a spacious garage. A garage rec room can make all the difference in social gatherings.

  • Your house has thin walls and noise easily transfers from one room into another. Sometimes spending time with friends or playing video games can get a little louder than expected. This can be the perfect way to prevent disturbing other people that live with you while still having a good time.

  • You have kids. Offering them their own space to relax and hang out with their friends outside of the house (but still close to home) can bring you comfort. It can also grant them a sense of independence and a place to retreat if they need time to unwind and rest.

Whether you want a getaway for yourself or your kids or need a place to come together with friends and family for laughs and memories, a garage game room is the perfect place.

Garage Game Room Design

Designing a game room can seem like a daunting task, especially to successfully achieve the look of one that is stylish, comfortable, and practical. Investing a little time and money can result in a garage turned game room that is efficient and satisfying in all areas. Learn more from these design tips on making your garage game room the best it can be while making a great impression on all of your guests.

Appreciate Structural Features

When it comes to a stylish game room, you may already have the perfect background to get off to a great start. If you have bricks, exposed beams, or any other interesting structural details, use them as a highlighted detail. Not only can they help set the mood for the space, but they are also visually appealing (and already available). Using what surfaces you already have saves time and money and showcases any uniqueness your garage has to offer.

Make It Personal

A game room should be a reflection of those who will be using it most. Why stick with a space that fits with everyone else's mold when you can add personality to make it your own? Consider adding colorful wall art to your garage game room, or even create a mural on the inside of the garage door for a truly eye-catching piece. Choose paint that fits the mood you want, whether it's calm and relaxing or upbeat and happy.

Styles range from rustic to retro, industrial to organic modern, and everything in between. The styling in your garage game room should suit your tastes. You can choose to keep the styling of your home and have it flow into the game room or give that space an entirely different atmosphere.

Luxurious and Chic

A game room doesn't have to have a dull and cheap appearance. There are various ways to boost game room design to make it feel upscale and swanky. Velvet sofas, leather chairs, and wooden game tables can all add a boost to the space. Lighting, such as chandeliers or oversized sculptured lighting, can turn any game room from drab into fab. Consider adding satin window hangings and pops of gold or silver for a dramatic and glamorous effect.

Go for a Good Floor

When deciding what to lay down for your garage game room flooring, keep durability and functionality in mind as well as style preferences. If you plan on spending a lot of time in that space with a lot of people, it would be best to select flooring that will stand up to wear and tear and be easy to maintain. Flooring comes in a wide range of patterns and materials. Explore your options to find one that fits your lifestyle as well as your personal style.

Stylish Storage

One thing a garage usually has is a lot of wall space.

Opt for mounted wall storage that fits the style of the space to help keep things organized. Use bins to store paddles, ping pong balls, darts, and more. Video accessory wall mounts also work great for storing game console controllers and headsets. Ottomans with built-in storage double as fashionable seating while stashing away board games and puzzles. If mounting a television on the wall seems too permanent, invest in an entertainment stand on wheels that can be easily moved around.

Avoid Overcrowding

Try to avoid making things too cluttered when adding things into the space. A multipurpose garage can quickly become unorganized and impractical without carefully considering the placement and size of furniture and game tables. Your game room should be easy to navigate and should take no effort to enjoy. Decide what pieces are an absolute "must" on your dream garage game room list and add extras once those pieces have been placed if there is enough room.

How to Convert a Garage Into a Game Room

Whether you want to dedicate the whole garage to gaming or want to ensure it can still be utilized for parking, there are many options to explore.

Get the Measurements

Begin by determining the amount of space you have to work with. Measure the useable room available to you and decide if you want to use all of that for gaming or if it will be multipurpose. If you plan on needing a place to park, storage space for things such as seasonal items, or want to also set up some gym equipment, make sure you allow enough space alongside your gaming area for those purposes. Be sure to measure overhead space, doors, and windows.

Map It Out

Putting all of your measurements down on paper will help with garage game room plans. A visual will allow you to create a space that will boast entertainment and practicality. Remember to include the doors, windows, any ductwork or plumbing, and electrical boxes when drawing out your garage game room ideas. Decide where you would like to place any furniture, game tables, televisions, or where you may keep a vehicle. This planning will also come in handy when purchasing flooring, lighting, wall decor, and other details.

Prep the Space

With plans on paper, it is time to prepare the space. Now is the perfect time to declutter the garage and get rid of anything you no longer need. While sorting, transfer belongings you wish to keep from cardboard boxes into storage that is meant to last, such as plastic storage totes. Moisture can cause mildew and an offensive smell in a garage that lacks humidity control, and cardboard storage is not ideal for a superior gaming room.

It is also beneficial to make any repairs or improvements. Sealing concrete walls, adding new floors and paint, and taking care of any electrical work are just a few tasks that should be addressed in the early stages in addition to cleaning. You should also consider insulating your garage door to keep your space weather-free and easier to regulate temperature.

Choose Furniture, Electronics and Games

After all that hard work comes the fun part of deciding what you will put in the space. Consider comfort and functionality. Would you like comfortable sofas and chairs for sitting in front of a big-screen tv to watch shows and play video games? What storage space and tables will you need? The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a garage entertainment room that suits your needs and personality.

Games for Your Garage Game Room

A game room is nothing without a wide selection of games for hours of entertainment and fun. From board games and billiards to darts and pinball machines, the sky is the limit. Explore some of the many game options that are available on the market and see which games you would like to put in your ultimate garage game room.


If you are wondering if a pool table will fit in a single garage, the answer is yes! Pool tables come in different sizes and styles, which makes them the perfect addition to any garage game room design.

Indoor Golf

Did you know that you can bring the excitement of golf into your game room? From miniature golf courses to full-course golf simulators, you can have fun playing golf without ever leaving home.

Ping Pong/ Table Tennis

A game that can be played with up to four players or solo, ping pong is always a fun option for competitive game play. A bonus to ping pong tables is that they can fold down and be moved out of the way if more space is needed for something else.

Air Hockey

Air hockey is a popular game that can provide lots of entertainment and is seldom seen in people's homes. While some air hockey tables can be quite large, there are other options available that are less bulky.

Mini Bowling Alley

Turn your entire garage game room into a bowling alley with mini bowling alley setups. Add a bowling lane, grab some pins, and get bowling with friends and family for hours of fun.


With multiple ways to play, darts is a favorite of many. If you have an open space on the wall, you can hang a dart board, which makes it a game packed full of fun that takes up minimal room. From traditional to electronic, there are a lot of variations to suit your preference.

Video Games

With so many gaming consoles available today, video games have taken the world by storm. Retro games as well as more modern games, such as virtual reality, provide endless gaming experiences and can be played alone or with other guests. They do not take up much space and go really well with comfortable seating and snacks.


Foosball is a great game to play with multiple players and offers up the feeling of teamwork. While full-size tables require a lot of space around them to play properly and safely, there are tabletop versions that do not require as much room and do not take as many players.

Giant Jenga

If you are familiar with the tabletop version of this game, you know it takes patience, skill, and has unpredictable outcomes. Take the game of Jenga to the next level with the giant version and let the fun begin!

Arcade Games

Add some nostalgia to your game room with some arcade games. Basketball, Skee-Ball, dance machines, fighting games and pinball machines bring the arcade environment to where you are.


Bluff and up the ante with family and friends. Bring the casino experience into your garage game room with popular table games such as blackjack and poker.

In reality, there are too many game possibilities to mention. Consider what your favorites are and figure out a way to incorporate them into your vision for your garage game room plans. Remember to keep space and functionality in mind to get the most out of your space and, above all else, have fun!

HB Home Can Help You Create Your Dream Garage Game Room

At HB Home, we understand the importance of making memories inside a home your are proud of. We can help you complete your perfect garage game room design with our exceptional line of pool tables, games, and furniture. All of our products are created with the ultimate home entertainment experiences in mind. It is our goal to provide the best selection of pool tables, games, and game room furniture to our customers while keeping style in mind.

Enjoy our wide range of products including:

  • Pool tables, accessories, racks, and felt

  • Arcade games, shuffleboard, Skee-Ball, Pac-Man, dart boards, foosball, and more.

  • Game room furniture including gaming chairs and wine and spirit cabinets

We realize that designers and interior decorators are just as passionate as we are when it comes to helping people bring their dream game rooms to reality. That is why we fully support accredited design professionals. We proudly offer a 10% discount with no minimum purchase requirement to all eligible design professionals.

If you are ready to design your garage game room, contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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1 Comment

Aug 27, 2023

Absolutely loved the innovative garage game room ideas shared on this page! Converting unused spaces into functional areas not only adds value to a home but also creates memorable spots for friends and family. If anyone is considering custom furniture or metal fixtures for their game room, don't overlook a local fabrication shop. Their expertise can bring unique designs to life and give your game room a bespoke touch. Well done, HB Home Furnishings, for the inspiration!

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