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Types of Pool Shots — Billiards Shot Names

Types of pool shots - billiards shot names

Whether you want to entertain guests or gather your family for some quality time, shooting pool is an excellent way to do so. When you add a pool table to your home, you have a fun, sometimes competitive way to pass the time. As you become familiar with the ins and outs of pool, you may want to take extra time to practice billiards shots to impress your friends and family.

The various billiards shot types can be easy, moderate or difficult, but with the right amount of practice, you can have fun mastering any pool shot. Even though they're different from each other, all types of pool shots require accuracy, skill and patience. Below, you'll find various pool shot names and descriptions so you can become a top shooter in no time.

The Straight Shot

The straight shot is the most basic kind of pool shot to practice. To make a straight shot, you line up your pool cue, the cue ball, the object ball and the pocket in a straight line. The goal is to hit the cue ball directly in the center so that it hits the object ball in a straight line and makes it land in the pocket.

To execute a successful straight shot, you will need to use different levels of force depending on how far apart the cue ball, object ball and pocket are from each other. Try to avoid using follow-through and instead stop your pool cue as soon as it makes contact with the object ball.

The Bank Shot

The bank shot is another one of the basic pool shots to practice. It's similar to the straight shot because you will try to hit the cue ball directly in the center. However, the goal of the bank shot is to hit the cue ball into the object ball so that the object ball hits a rail and bounces off of it to land in a pocket. This is a fairly easy shot to make if you have a good eye for angles.

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The Break Shot