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Tips on How to Make a Vacation Rental Stand Out

Updated: Jan 16

tips on how to make a vacation rental stand out

Companies like Airbnb, Vrbo, and other vacation rental sites make it easy for anyone to open their homes to others for vacation stays. With renting out their spaces at the tips of their fingers, more people are getting involved in this industry. You can rent out your home or apartment as often as you want and make some extra cash.

To successfully rent out a vacation rental, make sure yours stands out and grabs the attention of those searching for somewhere to stay. HB Home has a few tips to help you create a comfortable living space your guests will love.

The Importance of Making Your Vacation Rental Stand Out

Most sites or companies you use to rent out your space will ask clients to leave ratings and reviews after they have checked out. You want to get the most positive reviews possible to attract more renters and earn extra income. Getting too many negative ones will steer potential vacationers away from your place.

If you can make your rental stand out, you will have better luck renting out your space. For instance, most rentals should include somewhere to sleep and a bathroom. If you have attractive amenities for vacation rentals or more space, your space will be above the rest. Creating a unique rental space can help you generate positive reviews and income.

How Do I Make My Vacation Rental Stand Out?

You should include many different things in your vacation rental home to make it more appealing than others.

Upgrade Your Appliances

While not everyone may care about nicer, larger appliances, you should consider adding them to your rental. For example, if you have a family of 4+ looking for a rental, they would appreciate the nice appliances. Families taking vacations might be looking to cut costs on dining by renting somewhere with a full kitchen for cooking meals and storing snacks as needed. If you provide upgraded appliances and extra storage space, you could appeal to families or larger groups.

Offer Secure Parking

A lot of travelers are wary of where they leave their cars. They want to ensure it is not easy to tamper with, especially in unfamiliar areas. If you offer covered, enclosed, or secure parking, you could attract vacationers who want to keep their cars safe.

Provide Comfortable Towels and Linens

Many vacationers miss their comfortable, soft linens from home. Adding high-quality linens to your vacation rental could make a difference for some people. You can make them feel more comfortable and at home.

Upgrade to Faster WiFi

We live in a world of technology and social media, so most people expect to have WiFi access. Those with younger kids and teenagers may appreciate the faster WiFi if inclement weather keeps them indoors. Having fast, reliable WiFi makes it easy to enjoy family movie nights at the end of the day. If your renter works from home, they might need WiFi to attend virtual meetings and complete projects. Upgrading your WiFi can improve their overall experience.

Post Clear Photos of the Rental Space

Post clear photos of the rental space

You don't have to seek a professional photographer to take pictures for your rental listing, but you want to get the best pictures possible. If a renter is scrolling through dark, blurry photos, they won't be willing to give your place a chance. If all of your photos are clear and well-lit, they will be more likely to continue scrolling and consider your rental.

Shop for Easy-to-Clean Materials

If you're going to rent out your space regularly, you want furniture and décor that can hold up. You want items that can take regular use and hold up against wear and tear. You also want to find objects that you can clean easily, especially if you're doing short-term rentals. While most people will take care of your things, accidents happen, so you want to make sure your welcoming décor will hold up over time.

Create Private, Cozy Spots

While you should have common areas where larger groups can gather, you also want to ensure private and cozy spots throughout your rental. You might include a cute little nook for those who like to cuddle up and read at night. Or, you could create a cozy porch ambiance for everyone to sit and enjoy nature or the sunrise.

Add a Game Room

Do vacationers visit your area for the hiking trails or the amusement parks? If people mostly come for outdoor adventures, there is always the chance that the weather will put a damper on their outdoor plans. With a game room, your vacationers have a great place to occupy themselves until the weather passes. Adding something like a quality pool table would be an excellent way to make your rental stand out, but you could also add arcade games, ping pong tables, or foosball tables.

You should put a game room in your vacation rental to encourage bonding between outdoor activities. Families, friends, and couples can wind down and enjoy their time at the rental with fun classic games.

Be Proud of Your Rental

When creating your rental listing, make sure you include pictures and a description of all the amenities your rental has to offer. You want to ensure clients know that your rental has all these extra features. Take quality photos and update your description as needed to accommodate your new additions.

HB Home Can Help You With Your Vacation Rentals

Outdoor pool table with dark blue felt

When it comes to making your vacation rental stand out against others in your area, there are many things you can do. With the help of HB Home, you can impress anyone looking at your rental. While we may be known more for our pool tables, we have a wide variety of games you can add to your rental to give it that extra appeal.

At HB Home, we pride ourselves on selling high-quality products that will last, which is great for rentals. Additionally, we offer a product warranty, whether purchased directly from us or a dealer.

You can check out all of our products on our website. Contact us through our website, email us at, or give us a call at (216) 894-8324 if you have any questions or need any help picking out products.

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