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The Best Pool Table Accessories That You Need

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

Pool table in a modern home with white text that says, "The Best Pool Table Accessories That You Need."

A pool table is an investment. Whether you're a professional player or host large pool-playing parties at home, you want to protect your investment and enjoy your table. Looking after your table with the right accessories is essential for longevity and a great game experience.

Many accessories are available, so we have simplified the process with our pool table accessories kits. You can get everything you need in one place and make the most out of your pool table with our accessories.

Must-Have Pool Table Accessories

Once you have your pool table, there are accessories that you need to keep it looking its best. There are also room accessories that will add to your game room's style and complete your pool set.

Pool Table Accessories

High-quality pool table accessories are essential for the upkeep of your table and maintaining an excellent game:

  • Pool table cover: A pool table cover is essential to keep the pool table felt stain and scratch-free. Accidental spills can stain your pool table. If you have pets, they can jump on top of the table and potentially scratch the surface. When you are not playing, dust settles on the felt and while it may not be noticeable at first, it can build up over time. Sun exposure from windows or doors fades the color of the felt, so covering your pool table can also protect it from the sunlight.

  • Pool table and rail brush set: Pool felt cloth is a high-quality fabric that requires careful treatment. A pool table brush is made from horse hair, making it gentle enough to clean your table carefully but tough enough to remove stains, dust and other dirt particles when used correctly. It's essential never to use a vacuum cleaner on your table or you risk stretching and damaging the fabric, affecting your game.

  • Pool table and billiard accessory kits: We've made it easy to get all the necessary accessories in one place. We have four pool table accessory kits for you to choose from. They have all the essentials to keep your table in its best condition and enjoy your game. If you casually play pool, consider a standard pool accessory kit. If you play pool regularly while entertaining many people, the ultimate pool accessory kit has all you need to optimize your experience.

Pool Cue Accessories

A pool cue is an essential tool for all players, which makes pool cue accessories a must-have:

  • High-quality cue sticks: When choosing the right pool cue for yourself, there are several factors to consider. The weight, length, tip hardness and material make a difference in your gameplay. Having your own high-quality cue stick to grow accustomed to ensures your game is consistent.

  • Cue chalk: Seasoned pool players know to rub chalk on their cue tip before starting a new game. The chalk helps create friction between the ball and cue stick so the ball heads in the direction you want it to go. Over time, a cue tip becomes smooth, and cue chalk helps add the friction needed for a great shot.

  • Retractable billiards cue stick bridge: When you can't reach a shot across your pool table or get the right angle, a retractable billiards cue stick bridge can be handy. The great thing about a retractable bridge is that you can adjust the length depending on the shot's distance.

  • Cue tip repair kit: Your cue tip wears down over time. How often you need to repair or replace your cue tip depends on how often you play. When your cue tip is worn down too low, there is almost no more material left on the shoulder of the cue ferrule or it is not holding chalk or scuffing the balls, it's time to change the tip. A cue tip repair kit lets you repair and change it at home for ultimate convenience.

Pool Ball Accessories

Taking care of the pool balls makes them look good and keeps the fabric on your pool table clean. Accessories, such as a training cue ball and a pool rack, are essential for developing your skills as a player and enhancing your playing conditions:

  • Training cue ball: Whether you're new to the game of pool or would like to perfect your shot, a training ball can help you become a better player. Regular practice and the right training ball are what you need to master control of your cue ball and enhance your rebound control and spin effects.

  • Ball polish: Cleaning the balls makes them look great and protects your pool tablecloth. Once you have cleaned the pool balls, the next step is to polish them. Using a billiard ball polish and a microfiber cloth is best to avoid scratches and give your balls an extra sheen.

  • Pool ball racks: Before you begin a pool game, you need to set up the balls correctly on the table, a process called racking. A pool ball rack is an essential accessory to any pool game. A rack comes in two shapes — a diamond and a triangle — and the one you use depends on the type of game you are playing. A high-quality pool rack will ensure a tight rack that makes breaking the balls harder for your opponent.

Room Accessories

Seasoned pool players know that room accessories make for an exceptional experience. Proper lighting, a scoreboard and a cue rack will complete a pool room and take it to the next level:

  • Pool table lighting: Pool tables need lighting that evenly lights all areas of the table, not the whole room. When installed at the right height, pool table lighting gives you enough space to avoid hitting it with your cues. Having the correct brightness helps prevent shadows on the table and glares on the balls. It's wise to have a professional install your pool table lighting to create the perfect ambiance.

  • Scoreboard: A billiards scoreboard creates an authentic pool-playing experience. It's a great focal point that will enhance the overall aesthetic of your game room too. If you entertain large groups of friends and family, a scoreboard is a great way to keep track of everyone's score without resorting to pen and paper.

  • Cue racks: A pool cue rack is a great accessory for storing equipment correctly and keeping your game room neat. You can choose from a floor rack or a wall-mounted rack. These beautiful cue racks are a great way to save space and display pool table equipment.

Buy a Classic Pool Table, Cue Racks and Accessory Kits at HB Home

Whether you are a seasoned professional pool player or want to spend quality time with friends and family, our pool tables will enhance your game time. Our beautifully designed, classic pool tables are also Billiard Congress of America (BCA) tournament-approved. Explore our cue racks made from quality wood to create a sleek and modern finish for your game room. Our pool accessory kits have all the essentials to keep your pool table and equipment in its best condition. We carry every accessory you need and have four kits to match your playing conditions.

When you purchase one of our pool table accessory kits, you'll receive free shipping and a one-year warranty to ensure you get the best value. Visit our website to learn more about our pool accessories kit selection.

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