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How to Create an Outdoor Game Center

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

How to Create an Outdoor Game Center

Playing games out in the backyard with your family and friends is a lot of fun until it rains and everyone has to go inside. If you build an outdoor game room, the fun will continue regardless of the weather. This guide has tips for creating an outdoor game room or center you can enjoy for the years to come.

What Is an Outdoor Game Center?

An outdoor game room is a game center you set up in a space that's at least partially open to the outdoors. A garage, carport, covered porch or sunroom are all ideal locations to put your outdoor game room. With the right furniture and equipment, you can also build an outdoor game center on an open patio space or in your backyard.

Having access to an outdoor game center provides many benefits, including how it:

  • Is a great entertainment center: An outdoor game center is the perfect place to host a party — you'll have ample space to entertain without needing to set up inside your home.

  • Helps kids release energy: Like a private playground, an outdoor game center gives children the opportunity to play in an active space.

  • Gets everyone off their devices: Playing on game tables instead of a computer or tablet is one way to encourage your family and friends to spend more time with each other.

  • Allows you to play outdoors in any weather: A designated area to hang out with an awning or another covering for your outdoor space allows you to play your favorite games even when it's raining.

  • Acts as an extension of your backyard space or patio: An outdoor game area makes your home feel more complete, especially if you lack the space for a recreation room indoors.

Types of Coverings for Your Outdoor Game Center

The first step of how to create an outdoor game room is to prepare your outdoor living space. Even temporary coverings can be secured around their freestanding legs for regular use. Some potential types of roofing or covers for your game room:

  1. A canopy: This is a self-supporting cover for your outdoor space that can work on a deck or patio. It comes in many styles and colors.

  2. A party tent: This is an impermanent structure that comes in a variety of colors and ornate patterns and provides a roof and walls for privacy. Stake it securely into place so you can use it in rainy, windy conditions.

  3. A gazebo: This is a permanent structure similar to a canopy but is usually more decorative and sturdy. A gazebo is anchored to the ground during the installation process.

  4. A carport: This is usually a smaller structure just large enough to fit one or more vehicles under a metal roof.

  5. A cantilever umbrella: This sturdy impermanent structure folds up when you're finished using it and can remain with your outdoor table or be placed in storage.

How to Create an Outdoor Game Room

Other than choosing the space itself, gaming furniture for outdoor game rooms should fit a specific purpose. What are your options when it comes to versatile furniture that works well outside?

Permanent Outdoor Chair Sets vs. Portable Chairs

The pros of permanent furniture like cushioned patio chairs and stools are it's easy to clean, weather-proof and heavy enough to withstand high winds without budging. The downsides of permanent furniture include that it's more expensive than portable chairs, stationary and serves only one function.

The pros of portable furniture are that aside from using it in your game room, you can take it to sports games, events or camping outings, and it's designed to be easy to carry and transport. On the other hand, it has to be taken out of storage and arranged for each use, and it's less durable than permanent chairs and vulnerable to theft if left outside.

Permanent Gaming Tables vs. Portable Games and Equipment

Before you rearrange your backyard to install a game room, take a vote on what kinds of games you want to put in your available space. The easiest way to estimate space requirements is to note the dimensions of game tables or other desired features and use a measuring tape to check that everything will fit.

Permanent outdoor gaming tables you can get include:

  • Foosball

  • Ping pong

  • Pool

  • Multi-purpose game tables

Permanent game tables designed to stand in place have many pros — they're of a higher quality and more secure than portable games, designed specifically for withstanding outdoor use and last longer than portable alternatives when played regularly. The downsides are that permanent game tables are heavier and more difficult to move and more expensive.

Comparatively, the pros of portable games are that they're easier to move around and are more affordable. The cons of portable games are that they're less sturdy than permanent tables and you must put them in storage after use to prevent theft and weather damage.

Permanent Outdoor Tables vs. Portable Outdoor Tables

For your table set, you can get a patio table designed for long-term outdoor use or a portable table set that folds up after you've finished using it.

The pros of an outdoor table are that it's heavier and more durable and holds up in severe weather conditions. On the other hand, outdoor tables are usually more expensive than indoor tables because of the durable materials required to craft them. Plus, they require multiple people to move or transport it.

The advantages of a portable table set are that it's light and easy to move around to wherever it's needed and it can be combined with another table to make a longer table. The downsides include that they're less sturdy and can blow away in severe weather conditions and you must put them into storage after use to prevent theft or damage.

Should the Area be Covered?

If you're installing waterproof patio furniture and a game table designed to withstand the elements, you might think you can skip adding an overhead cover. After all, if you enclose your outdoor game center, then it's like a home gaming room you'd have inside. If you want for you and your players to enjoy hanging out for hours at any part of the day, roofing the center or providing some cover is ideal.

The benefits of covering your outdoor game area include:

  • More play during rain: Even if your furniture is weatherproof, people would rather play without getting hit by the rain or knocked back by harsh winds.

  • Protection from sunlight: Your weatherproof game tables will last longer when they're out of the sun, which will gradually fade them.

  • Shade from the heat: Players appreciate shade on hot summer days. They can play without overheating or worrying about getting sunburned.

Get an Outdoor pool table for your game room

Get an Outdoor Pool Table for Your Game Room

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