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Emma Dart Board Set

Emma Dart Board Set

SKU: 26-0711

When looks and simplicity count, look no further than the Emma Dartboard Set. The gameplay starts with a forthright cabinet of beautifully black-stained solid poplar and subtle round knobs. Uncompromising in style and quality, an authentic bristle dartboard made from eco-friendly Jute and Sisal plant fibers rests snugly inside, joined by two scoring chalkboards and two sets of weighted steel-tipped darts.


This Product is Made Of:

  • This Dartboard Cabinet is masterfully crafted of kiln-dried solid poplar
  • An authentic Bristle Board made of the Jute and Sisal plants resides within the cabinet.
    • Please note that your dart board has been created utilizing eco-friendly, biodegradable fibers of the jute and sisal plants.
    • You may notice the plant’s earthy scent that will dissipate after a 5-10 days, if not sooner, simply by leaving the cabinet doors open.